What is the average DNA donated to you

I’ve been in 2 hoarding alliances. I get max 150/375 rare dna per request, which I find low. Before I leave this alliance, I would like to know if you guys get at least half your rare request limit

Based on your player level. Notice that rare requests are given in increments of that persons level number.

I’m level 15 & can hold 375. Usually get 3 donators per request…

I’m lucky enough to be in SandDunes and rarely does a request not get maxed out!


Just a friendly reminder to everyone, about guild courtesy…

Make sure that you aren’t “that person” who is requesting exclusive non-dartable DNA all the time. :slight_smile:

Some peeps go straight for Gali, Irritator, etc etc and ask relentlessly.

These are often the ones who are prolly taking all of your DNA to their main account that is elsewhere, or just selfish and greedy people that you should avoid regardless.

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Gali….Come on. Everybody should have 10’s of thousands of that. I need dilo. Anyone have an abundance of that?


Sounds like lots of :heart: and Dunes to go around

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@Kopas_25 … you want to answer this one ? :laughing:


Max out every time… but I am also one of the extreme few with a team that resemble no other in the top 100

Not saying not to make a request here and there, but if someone is exclusively asking just for incubator DNA, over and over again, then yeah, that player is a problem.
Or is “playing” you…

Why not… lol!!!

Normally i get commons maxed up and around 150/325 for the rares, which is pretty lackluster considering i never request exclusive DNA or so.
Also i try to donate to all members, but i never get my rare request maxed out.


The :heart: is real. Irritator is the only one that doesn’t get filled because no one has any :man_shrugging:


Exclusive Non dartable? I’m not that person because everyone else is THAT person that hoards the ‘exclusive’

@MementoMori… You’re absolutely right! All my fellow Alliance manage to give what they have but most of the time, they maximized it. I cannot complain anything but a lot of appreciation and love. No regrets at all to be part of this helpful Alliance… :ok_hand::clap::heart:

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I wouldn’t request irritator lol. I’ve been requesting

Our alliance give out exclusives every day, we max out several people at least. Might just be unlucky with your alliances

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I want in on the :heart: Drop that alliance name if you have room

Dracorex is the only thing I find regularly myself. We have 4/5 Draco requests a day that all get maxed.

Right!! Im making the unique & I know my teams got stacks of dracorex because I did before

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