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What is the best Cenozoic hybrid

What hybrid is the best overall in your opinion and leave down below why you think it is.

  • Mammotherium
  • Thylocator
  • Brontolamus
  • Smiloncephalosaurus
  • Smilonemys
  • Carboceratops
  • Monolorhino
  • Phorusaura

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Ooof. Hard choice


Mammotherium. It can boost attack, bypass shields, armor, and evasive abilities, cleanse and regenerate, slow and shield. On top of that it has high health, high damage, medium speed and good armor. Its also got immune to damage over time, making it a good counter against bleeders.


Yeah. It has an impressive kit. I’m reserving judgement tho unti I can personally try it out. Hopefully within a week

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Same here ( characters)

Although my question is how is a mammoth twice as big as a rhino faster than it shouldn’t it be 108 and the rhino 115? Like it’s not just me like asking this right?(p.s Ik the mammoth is the mascot of the ice age but I think it’s a bit op. Right?)

I’m surprised no one’s voted for Phorus yet, it’s really good.

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People are complaining about Indoraptor Gen 2, Procerathomimus, etc, and you’re out here complaining about a Mammoth? Everybody has different opinions I guess…

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Lol now I’m just saying it’s fine and good as it is I live my man ya but I’m busy wondering considering lol only diplodocus and alanqua beat it. Lol more like criticizing or more wondering :joy:

But I guess it deserves it cause of how rare it is :sweat_smile:

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It’s ehhhhhhhhh kinda it’s only good move it instant rampage really

Instant Rampage and Rampage and Run combo is really good for anything without armor. It being faster than Erlidom is a plus too.

Thanks to Gamepress we know Smilonemys is the best, pre-1.12. So that means only Mammotherium and Monolorhino stand any chance at all. We know Monolorhino’s stats are pretty bad, so it probably won’t come close, and Mammotherium’s apparently on the border of High Apex—Tyrant, but I haven’t used either, so for now I vote Smilon.

If I recall correctly, Brontolasmus scored higher than Phora in 1v1 matchups. But Phora is great at revenge-killing, and has Swap-utility, so I guess that’s worth something.

“Cough, cough

-cough,cough ”

That, and R&R too. You can always chain that with a counter-attack or swap-in ability.

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It doesn’t matter how they do against each other. What matters is how they do against everything.

True although nemys does poorly against tanks.

Mammotherium, hands down.

I really need to unlock Mammotherium soon, I want to try it out.