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What is the best Common?

What is the best Common? Looking ahead to the lucky 8 tournament, what do you think is the best common? Put your answers in the comments.

Either Miragaia or Nundasuchus

Miragaia and Tanycolagreus. Both are nightmares when at higher levels/boosted.

Miragaia of course! That thing is OP.

Apatosaurus>Velociraptor>Miragaia>Apatosaurus and so on.

Anyway, my answer’s Miragaia. Mine is still level 17 from its time on my team. And that was before Shielded Decel Strike was a thing.

Anyone watch the Terminal Montage video on the Legendary Pokemon battle to the death? Remember Black Kyurem stepping on Keldeo?
That’s Ardentismaxima vs boosted Miragaia for you :joy:.

One on one, Miragaia looses to Ophia too.

Realistically though you’re probably not going to use miragia if it’s too under leveled.