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What is the best Dino in the game?

Here, you post what you think the best dino or permian in the game and why, along with its counters

Entelomoth. It has only one consistent 75% counter, and that’s Indoraptor G2. No 100% counters whatsoever.

It’s also a Legendary non-superhybrid, so it’s easier to create and level than, say, Geminititan or Mammolania.

Add to that the fact that it can leave its counters in a vulnerable position with a last-minute Bellow, and that it’s fast, which means it has sweeping potential.


As @Qaw said, it’s entelomoth. It doesn’t win as often as gemini, but it’s always set up and dealing so much damage. With MF, it can speed up past anything that’s fast and can’t speed up like magna and smilo. As for counters, it has indom gen 1 and 2 and indo gen 2, but the indoms are pretty much exhausted after the matchup. While the gamepress sim also says tenontorex and gemini, these are 50/50 matchups. And while you can’t always rely on the sims with many matchups due to swap-in moves, you can with moth as only dracocera and draco gen 2 can deal damage on the swap-in. It’s vid the best strike in the game and monstrous stats and a shattering rampage, as well as an immunity to PFS’s biggest weakness: stuns. It’s pretty much a perfect storm


Oops, forgot the Indoms. They’re 75% counters too.
That makes 3 consistent counters.

Geminititan. I mean, it’s ridiculous. It has the most Health in the game and really high attack. That alone is a force to be reckoned with. But it has immunity too, so it can’t be bled, distracted, stunned, etc. That is also great. It’s got a good kit too, with nullification, deceleration, distraction and it’s signature definite shield advantage. All of this makes Gemini the best. Not much counters it at all…

If you find yourself fighting a Geminititan, make sure you have a Trykosaurus, grypolyth or alloraptor ready, as they all Counter it well. Tryko with its high Damage and armour, grypolyth with its regeneration and rending counter combo, and alloraptor… you may be thinking “why use a raptor against an Immune sauropod?” Well… it has Immune to decel, a good amount of health for a raptor, and one move that sets it high up above others: rending takedown. After using Pounce, This move will shred 60% of it’s Health (if it doesn’t crit) and then could finish it off with a definite impact.


Entelomoth can beat Geminititan just as easily as Alloraptor or Trykosaurus.

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Unboosted,entelomoth. However, taken boosts into account Gemini has the slight edge because it doesn’t need as much speed as entelomoth


But remember with entelomoth, every point of attack it gains, it’s basically multiplied by 1.5. Also moth wants to be fast, but not too fast, so it doesn’t need AS much speed as mags. And when you boost your hp, the better an enemy swap-out. Also gemini needs some speed when boosted maximas and enemy geminis come into play

While I agree definite shield advantage is probably the best move in the game, it doesn’t help gemini claim the top spot. It does win more matchups than entelomoth, but there are a couple flaws with it. First, when it defeats a creature, it’s pretty much out for the most part. This goes with creatures like alloraptor and magna, and this allows something like tryostronix or mammolania to set up. Another problem is that you can swap in on gemini. Sure it has 6000 hp, but a dracocera can take off 2400 damage. Even a monostego swap could kill it. With entelomoth, you can’t swap out on it unless you have dracorex gen 2 or dracocera. This is why gemini is second best


Long live the king, all hail lord Lythronax


What do YOU think it is?

Best playable creature in the game is geminititan imo. With entelomoth and mammolania not far behind


Is there any doubt?


No, @DinoThunder :joy:

I think there is only one way to calculate the strongest creature … the percentage of victory in a 1v1 matchup. According to this logic I should say geminititan but I say entelomoth because it’s my favorite creature ;))) together with erlikospyx of course…

However pumba has a 50% chance of winning in a 1v1 matchup against a gemini … (lvl 26 without boosts)

Majungasaurus is definitly the best!!:upside_down_face:



wassap Broooo’ssssss