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What is the best Dinosaur in the game?

As the title says. Which is the best and why?


I hope i wont get banned for using stars, tho should i care??actually idc

Healing everytime you say it’s name, likely to 3-0 your opponent , two or less counters, armor , resists and moveset


The best Dinosaur is the deer… Hey wait a minute…


Other than Mortem, I have 0 counters on my team

Testa, followed by Skoona.

In the case of testa, it features good stats along with access to slowing, vulnerable, shields, healing (both passive and through dig in),very high armor, several immunities and resistances, a superb moveset and high base speed.

Testa can reliably last several turns, enabling it to get off several devastations. If threatened it can always swap out and then swap back in for the heal. And don’t even think of swapping in on it as you’ll just trigger its healing (as will doing just about anything ). It’s nearly unstoppable.

Skoona is also extremely strong thanks to its extreme bulk, damage output, resistances, armor and moveset. It’s usually slower than opposing dinos so it can get off a vulnerability counter into a group decel rampage, which equates to receiving 3.5x the base damage (0.5x vulnerable counter into boosted rampage, effectively 3x)if the other creature has no armor and hasn’t applied distraction/ no vulnerable resistance. The next turn it has a priority group distraction move that hits for 1.5x but if vulnerable is a 2.25x move. All of this on a creature that regularly possesses 8k+ health and 2k+ attack. Nuff said.

It looks like everyone got there wish, the apexes are no longer at the very top. Because these uniques crush everything.


Oh deer, I wish I could tell you but each player has their own play style.