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What is the best of the new ones?!

I have unlocked some of the new, but not all.
But - who should I use my money and DNA to evolve???

What do you think looks the best?

Indo gen 2 looks good for the money, 2 different moves with speedup!

This is with no boosts and Mutual Fury active

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So it’s better that Indominus gen 2?

I have not battled with IrexG2 yet, so I can’t say.

Well indom gen 2 has full immunity I think, indo gen2 can still be slowed and bled. It’s only immune against stun and distraction.

Its got two cleansing moves though (which are buggy), so you can still get rid of bleed and slow.

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I ran out of Echo DNA before I could finish fusing Indo 2 but I’m excited to try her out.

Happy cake day

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Yea tats true my only problem with this dino is, the moves are so op, it’s first in line for a nerf down the road.

Any thoughs about Thylo?