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What is the best thing to go for?

I really want more tournament creatures. I am almost there for gorgosaur. Do I max Gorgosaur, or do I go for gorgosuchus? Should I sell Indominous rex for a level 30 gorgosaurus? The next thing down from Indominous is Pteranodon. I also have another Indominous hatching in the hatchery. Do I save up for legendaries or Indominous and Indoraptor? Should I max up gorgosaurus or get T.rex maxed and all of the other Legendaries?

Is this indominus lvl 20? If so sell it. That is a big ferocity gap.
2 options for gorgo

  1. Get 2 lvl 30 gorgosaurus
  2. Get a lvl 40 gorgosaurus and fuse for gorgosuchus. Keep it at a level that doesn’t unbalance.
    Save DNA
    Don’t get indoraptor yet

OK. I might sell both Indominouses to get a level 40 gorgo.

Can you show a picture of your whole lineup?

Look in the first lineup topic

What first lineup topic?

“What should I do for my lineups?”

When I max up gorgo. I am going to unlock gorgosuchus, or maybe keep it 40 and work for other tourn. creatures. When I get more tournament creatures I will get gorgosuchus because it will take a long time for gorgosaurus to hatch, and I will save DNA for a level 20 Gorgosuchus.

Don’t max up gorgo unless you immediately get gorgosuchus and keep it at a low level. Your lineup is unbalanced enough as it is.