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What is the best time for a new player to use its free VIP trial?

I’m level 46 and haven’t used it yet. Since I’m f2p and this is an one time thing, I want to benefit from it as much as possible. Should I wait for the trade harbor or maybe use it when a VIP tournament comes? Any advices?

Definitely wait for trade harbour, thats 14 free custom trades, and waiting for a vip tournament is also a good idea as you get a vip exclusive creature,

similarly you may want to wait even longer and hoard up lp till like end game and use the free trail to get the 35k lp packs for a bunch of vip exclusive stuff if collecting every creature is one of your game goals

NOTE the free trial would want your credit card information even though it’s free and it will charge you for the first month if you forget to unsubscribe by the 7th day.


Thanks a lot for this useful answer. I was thinking that this is one of the most important aspects of the game especially when you’re new so I’m really surprised that noone asked a similar question here.

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On top of the cc thing, you have to already have payment info in place. Entering it messes up the offer.

We have yet to have a VIP appreciation week. Basically a week of rewards for VIP players.

That is the prime time for VIP, because of the massive rewards that come of the event, like 4x LP.

With that said, it is unknown when it will happen again but yet we are long overdue for one.


I never heard of this. Can we be sure that it will come again eventually?

Yes, it’s just unknown as to when.

I think the best time to use the free trial would be for when you have 50,000 Loyalty Points and the VIP creature you want the most is in a pack that guarantees it. For example, if Pterodaustro is the VIP creature I want the most, I would save my Loyalty Points for when the Pterodaustro Pack is in the Loyalty Packs section of the Market. Then I would start the free trial. I also wish that I could access the free trial from the VIP center building in the park.

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I would advise against that. The 50k VIP packs are rather worthless compared to the 10k ones. It’s great from a collector standpoint, not at all from any other standpoints though. If it is hard to obtain 1 copy, what happens when you need multiple copies to evolve??? Thus the only VIP packs worth getting are the 10k ones… and packs for clock towers…


With the upcoming VIP being a brand new creature, this might be an excellent time to give VIP a shot if you are on the fence about it

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Can you elaborate?

I actually thought about getting the Pterodaustro pack since my pterosaurs are weak compared to my other classes and Pterodaustro looks like a great glass cannon but I’m level 47 so I’m still pretty new and I think its better for me to have more animals instead of a specific one.

Today’s social media post announced that the VIP tournament starting tomorrow will be an all new creature, some sort of Ankylosaur (most people believe it is Ankylosaurus Gen 2, but that is still to be announced). So, the promise of a chance at a brand new creature should be a good enticement for anyone considering trying out VIP.


If you’re at level 47, then instead of focusing on powerful non-hybrid creatures you should probably focus on hybrid pterosaurs, like Tropeogopterus, or if you’re low on DNA Zhejiangopterus or other super rare pterosaurs if you have unlocked it.

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I have a level 20 Spinoraptor, 2 level 30 Diplotators, a level 40 Labyrinthosaurus and a level 40 Alangasaurus as for now. I still need 3 more Zhejiangopteruses to make Tropeogopterus.

Tapejalosaurus is a better variant of trope. It is better, cheaper and has a shybrid you can fuse for in the endgame

It is definitely better but Tropeogopterus is much easier to get in my experience. I only need one more copy of Zhejiangopterus now. But I never got any Tapejara and only got 1 copy of Monolophosaurus since I started the game.

OK, so I would recommend maxing your Zhejiangopterus. As Indoraptor08 said, you should also try to get Tapejalosaurus if you have unlocked Monolophosaurus.

Tape is more expensive if my memory serves me correctly. By close to 1k DNA I think?

I prefer Tape over Trope but to each their own. Tape is a beast at lvl 30, Trope not so much

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I waited until I had all the dinos except for the 4 that could be only had by vip. I then waited until one of them was available in trade harbor and I had 120k in lp.

I managed to get 1 more of the vip Dino’s I did not have, but I was not lucky enough to get the other 2.

I suggest you wait until you have 300k in lp and when they are offering a discount on 35k packs.