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What Is The Best Trade For DNA

What should I trade? Coins? Food (I have lots)? VIP points?

Coin is definitely the best option of the three you suggested. Being that you can get your coins back fairly quickly and easily depending on your park layout.

Sometimes I get good DNA offers for food, but I suppose this depends how much food you have available. My food is the highest it has been in some time so I haven’t been taking them, plus I just don’t like trading food normally. Especially with all the rearing I’ve been doing.

I would never trade VIP points for DNA myself. Better saved for a VIP creature. A precious resource.

I regularly get trades offers of roughly 500 DNA for apatosaurus decorations.


Coins All The Way

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Thanks, @G-ReptilianFoot and @IndominusRex27, the main reason I’m asking is just because as of right now, I’ve got more food than coins (bet no one ever wrote, or said, that before). Actually I’ve currently got nothing, as my game isn’t available to access right now (ha).

Not anymore!