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What is the best way to accumulate dino bucks?

In this game,loyalty points and dino bucks are very valuable,so I had a doubt,how do I stack maximum dino bucks? My thing is DNA is never a problem because if you play all the events everyday,you will stack up loads of dinos to flood your hatchery,only thing is the bucks.

Grind PvP for Elite/Expert/Advanced prizes

Keep your market empty of all dinos, buildings and decorations other than the apto fossil (have lots of those in your market).

Trades for the fossil to DB will come. Maybe 3-6 a week for 300-500DB each.

Other tactics are keeping a lot of dinos in your market and you can trade 20commons/10rares/5super rares at a single time for DB on your custom trades for about 100DB.

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Complete daily quests, especially the ‘Use 3 different kinds of aquatic dinosaurs in one battle’. For 5 DB, you will earn back 50DB. If you complete your daily quest and get the back, you gain an extra 45DB.


@Timmah, it’s not so much a strategy to maximize Dinobucks as it is a response to having WAY too many creatures waiting to be hatched


your never going to hatch them all. Some dinos, I have 100 or more. Look at what the dinos stats do for your fighting and build the ones that will help you most. also look at how long it takes to hatch them. don’t waste dino bucks on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hatching chambers to pop out fast hatching dinos. use them to hatch the 5-7 day dinos. save the first chamber for the quick hatching dinos.

dna will be a problem later on. the big dinos will cost 50,000-70,000 a pop. so dont waste dna. try not to buy dinos at full price wait for 10%-15% off if you can. as long you dont have one in your inventory, you can always purchase one on sale even if you dont have a free hatching chamber. it will throw it up into your inventory and you can hatch it later.

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