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What is the best way to get para. lux dna?

I was reading the article on gamepress about nests and spawn mechanics and read the concept of short-range/long-range spawns. It also said that there are about 7 short range spawns (which para lux is one of) and many more long range spawns, and they also said that scents ARE NOT EFFECTIVE for these said short range spawns.
Does this mean that to find para lux its best to walk around a lot without the giga scent and it will increase the amount of its spawn, as perhaps its less cluster?

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On a series note, doesnt matter if you run around with giga or without.
Short spawns are pinned to the map like strike towers and spin boxes. But you have to move in their range to see them (small circal/short spawn).


The only way to really be more effective at finding Para Lux is walking around a lot without using Scents. I mean you can use Scents, they just won’t spawn Para Lux.

Walking around won’t necessarily directly increase spawn, but you will cross more short-spawn points which increases the chances.

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As much as this is supposed to be a game for walkers it clearly isn’t.

Get someone to drive you around. Best way to get short range spawns and play the game in general tbh.


The sad truth.

Unlucky for me, I’m in a lock down for a couple more weeks so I can’t get anyone to drive. As we can’t be with outside of our families in public :frowning:

Is there any way to locate or notice these spawn points from afar or is just by walking through and finding out?

Wal around and dart every close range spawn you see, seemed to help spawn Para lux for me

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You can’t notice them from afar.

There are only 5 short-spawn creatures currently in the game. If at any time in the game you happen to have these creatures spawn in your blue circle then that means you are at a short-spawn point:

Para Lux

They are all Global Anytime spawns.

So is it best just to wait there or just to keep moving?

Keep moving. Para Lux is a legendary so extremely rare more so than epics. Staying in the spot, unless you have reason to be there, like at home or work, would be a big waste of time.

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