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What is the best way to spend DinoBucks?

I have no idea, whether I should run boss fights, gyros, buy dinos, do the drop, what.

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Probably depends a bit on where you are at in the game.

Early on IDK? Just save them? use them for whatever who cares have fun just make sure you have enough in the bank for battles, cooldowns (if needed), TH refreshes ect…

Later game, probably speeding up hatching so you can actually make some progress while hatching 6day plus hatch time creatures and keeping your inventory empty.

I have my account and help 2 of my kids with theirs. My account and my one daughters account are fairly far along and developed so the only thing we typically spend DBs on are hatch speed ups and sometimes fusion speed ups along with trade harbor refreshes and 250 per day for an extra custom trade. (non VIP)

On my other daughters game which was lower, when i started playing it again, her game was in the 40’s for park level when I picked it back up again and started working to boost her coin production to work the trade harbor. Once I was able to do a little trading AF’s and JH’s for DBs we would save DB’s fairly quickly as all the dino’s we had to hatch at that level are quick. So I started using some DBs for the gyrospheres to win more common hybrids for coin production. At that point in her game it was almost easier for me to collect DBs to do the gyro and win vs save up 1k DNA to buy a hybrid. 300 + DB’s for 1 decoration trade and I could do a gyro win a 1k+ DNA dino and still have DBs to spare. I did that for a little bit but once her DNA influx got reasonable it made no sense to keep doing that anymore. She is young so now we splurge on card packs about once or twice a week, typically the 1500 DB ones that have reasonable odds at a tournament creature and sometimes the hybrid pack, it’s fun and she likes buying the packs and the excitement that comes along with it, not so much the disappointment though :stuck_out_tongue: We are still not hatching too many 6 day plus creatures so there isn’t too much else worth while to spend it on at the moment and I see no reason to save it right now, it’s not like we are getting interest on it.

Her game is a little further along now and we might start hatching some more 6 day plus creatures soon so I might start saving it more for that though.

As far as buying those packs, her game has faired fairly well and we have received a lot of good rewards from buying those packs with only the rare trash prize. We did win an Alangasaurus from the last hybrid pack we bought though lol and she already has like 8 lvl 40’s oh well, win some lose some :stuck_out_tongue:

Buying those packs on my game or my other daughters game would be a complete waste though as we already have pretty much everything they offer already and unlocked.

Not saying any of this is right or wrong just what we do and a little perspective from playing a few different accounts at different stages of development

Edit: I can’t speak for the prize drop as a non VIP it doesn’t work remotely the same and isn’t really good


Some speedups.

You hold and spend to reduce the time, but eyes!
The situation could get out of hand!

Buying nothing except trade harbour refreshes

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