What is the best zone?

  • L1
  • L2
  • L3
  • L4

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I live in a 3 too and when compared to the other zone options, 3 just strikes me as the better mix.

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I removed the thingy because you know…

I’ll go 1 just for Mujunga :wink:


I stay in L4

I mean, yes a fan!

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Relevant things
1: Brachi, Anki, Concav, Tuojiang, Megalo, Giraff
2: Darwin, Raja, Pyro, Erliko II, Dracorex, Quetz,
3: Secondont, Mono, Maia, Argenti, Dimet, Diloph
4: Rhino, Gryp, Ourano, Carno, Koola, Diplo

As a resident of Zone 4… I do feel a bit cheated most of the time. Zone 2 is solid. Zone 3 feels like the best. Zone 1… would be better if the uniques weren’t so common in events I guess?


L4, because I’m in L4 and you get a lot of Suchos and Irri G2, perfect for Suchotator, which is a good hybrid to start with.

Secodontosaurus is pretty good

I hope they publish the event calendar

I am in L4



true but nobody wants Sucho so I just ask the alliance if needed

Well,it is ok,plus it is needed for thylacotator

Of course, but if you’re a starter, then it’s great.

I feel L3 is the second best

What do you get in L3 anyway?

I am tired of spinosaurus and carnotaurus

Secodontosaurus and Maiasaura

So I consider L3 quite worth it as well