What is the best zone?

All: Diplocaulus, Triceratops G2, Dimetrodon, Edmontosaurus, Maiasaurus, Monolophosaurus, Secodontosaurus, Diplotator, Spinotahraptor
N/D/D: Delta
D/D/D: Argentinosaurus, Dilophosaurus

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What’s that good in L3? For me only Dime, Seco and maybe Argentino. I don’t understand the majoriy here. It’s good, but not the best
L4 is without doubt the worst one. Only Rhino and Koola G2 are good here.
L1 is very good with Anky, Tuo and Brachi
L2 is the best with Darwin, Draco, Raja, Quetz, Erlik G2 and maybe Draco G2 for rat users


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also we talk about the zones

L4 has Grypo don’t forget.

As I said before L1 dinos (Brachi and Anky) seem to be very event heavy so tend not to be the ‘hard components’.

L2… so it has a lot of nearly really good dinos? Certainly a good set of rares (Quetz, Erlik, Draco). I like Stygidaryx so Darwin is pretty cool, but that makes Monolophosaurus (L3) good right (Pterovexus). Raja is solid for Dio (though you need… Tuojiang and Anki). If you count Draco II you have to count Triceratops (L3) too.

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This is all wrong best zones are ones with atm nests Erlinko Gang :wink:

Erliko’s are very good, I aggree there but do Nests count as Zone’s? If so I have to add a lot more things and reopen the poll. :wink:

It has been a wile (okey not but hey) so I dicided to open another poll, this time about the nests

What is the best Nest?

  • Airport
  • Arts
  • ATM
  • Bank
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Gas station
  • Hospital
  • Restaurant
  • Restroom
  • School
  • Transit station

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Also what is the best day?

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Zone 1 here, we also have Sino, but I’d say it’s an underwhelming zone because we’re overrun by Majunga.

Unless they made Sino global, idr.

Sino is global. I would say zone 1 is the best as you have brachi, anky, and touj.

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I would say zone 1 is best. You forgot that zone 1 has echo for indo gen 2. I say that zone 2 and 3 are equal as 2 has raja, erlik gen 2, pyro, and quetz while 3 has argentino, mono, delta, dime, and miasaura as the good creatures. 4 is the worst as it has grypo, rhino, and koola gen 2.

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How do i know what zone i’m in? I think i’m a zone 1.

With all the Majunga it’s zone 1,
With a lot of Euplo it’s zone 2
With a swarm of Diplo’s you’re in zone 3 and
with Monoloph’s and Para it’s definitely zone 4.

depends on what you need. i lived in L3 since day 1 so it’s all garbage to me now. recently moved and am now in L2 with raja, quetz, erlik2 all which I need so I’d say it’s best.

Whatcare the spawns at an atm? All i see at banks are tenonto and Edmonto… Meh

As far as Nests, they are absolutely USELESS. Seriously, I used to walk by my local fire station (which is not that far from my place) about 5 to 6 times a day. So coming back from my walk about 20 minutes later, that would be up to 12 visits (different times) and I NEVER saw a Pyro. Yes, I’ve checked, it’s labelled as a Fire Station on Google map and OMS. There’s also an area where 3 banks are close to each other, where I’m doing some banking. Never saw an ErlikoGen2. So, guess what, I won’t vote, because as far as I’m concerned, nest are useless.

They are most certainly not useless. They can be a way to access DNA that resides in a distant zone. As for the fire station, it’s going to be a bit until you see a pyro. And, it may not even be a nest in-game. There is a school by me that doesn’t show up as a school in-game, so your fire station may suffer the same fate

wut, I live in L3 Im so over the monolo and secodonto dna, L1 is much much better

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Wait, you guys get epics?

I live in a Zone 1 and work in a zone 4. I’m swimming in so much Brachi DNA but Majunga as well. I need zone 2 and 3 dinos. I would say zone 3 is the best followed by 2 but only bc they have dinos I rarely see and need. If I lived in a zone 2 or 3 and had my fill of those dinos I would probably say 1 or 4. I think it’s safe to say that whatever zone has dinos you need the most will be the best in your eyes…


What we really need is zone rotation :slight_smile: