What is the biggest hit you have seen? PvP or raid,

i did a mammo raid this week with an irritator, a tryo and a allo g2, the first 2 powered up and the allo used rending takedown for a 17200 odd hit. im sure there have been way bigger but thats the biggest iv seen.

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I think I’ve seen a screenshot or video once with over 30k, but don’t remember what it was.

It’a actually a fun thing to calculate what the theoretical maximum hit would be in optimal circumstances in pvp or vs a boss. Boss hits are definitely a lot higher.
Anyone volunteering?

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Based on my calculations, if you had a max-attack level 30 Erlidominus/Indominus rex, and you used Revenge Cloak while your opponent used Mutual Fury, you would deal 30757 damage with a crit on a rampage move.


I’m not sure about the highest possible in raids, but the highest damage you could get without any insane creatures would be using 4 Thylacotators using Maiming Wound against Hadros. 32088 damage in one hit, it would end a round instantly.

Critical, Revenge Cloak Rampage (with revenge on) with 3 Irritators using RTC and then GT seems pretty much a big hit in a raid :firecracker::fire:

a L30 Erlidom with 20 attack boosts gives 2734 damage, which is a rampage of 5468. You triple that for revenge cloak right? if so thats 16404. With 3 Irritators using RTC you would triple again i think? That would equal 49212 without a crit if all is correct above,

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I think it’s the Rending Takedown itself, powered with three Ready To Crush moves all at once. Irritator, Irritator, Irritator, Thyla.

I’ve seen 15000 in the goat strike (Goat went MF and thylac got a crit+RT) and in the pyrritator raid with SV+RTC+RT

Unfortunately I don’t think its possible to get the revenge effect in a raid

Erlidom: doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t rampage
Irris, go RTC
One irri dies
Erlidom 3750 attack
Irri left: GT
Erlidom: Revenge Cloak
Erlidom 5250
Erlidom rampages with Crit
Damage is 39375 total.

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It is possible. The creature gets revenge for one turn after a teammate dies