What is the current maximum amount of speed boosts?

I am curious if there are others that have tried to maximize the amount of speed boost they have acquired. I want to try and solve a discrepancy from a different thread.

So I’ve bought every speed boost sale, completed every speed boost strike, and completed every daily battle incubator battling when it resets at 21 hours and gotten +4 on all of them.

This got me 859 speed boosts.(just got 4 more from the dbi but I will leave them out for now)
Some one else posted in the other thread that they have accumulated 934 speed boosts.
Exactly 75 more than I have.
Since that isn’t divisible by 4 it can’t be due to missed dbi’s.
Did I some how miss 3 sales of 25 speed?

So can anyone else who has tried to maximize their speed boosts post how many they have accumulated?

in that prior thread i mentioned that apex was using the support to get boosts. i appologoze, i didnt mean them directly although i doubt they havent done it. i do have proof that support is handing out boosts though. i apologize @TheMaxx @Idgt902 and others.

if they get their dailies every 21 hours then i believe an extra 12 to 16 of each every month is possible. but since the recent reset its only been 2 months so i dont see how 75 is possible.

Due to glitches, sales and freebies, I’d say it’s an unknown quantity.
Some sales weren’t available to all, for instance.
It’s a hot mess.

I’ve done it every 21 hours as well though.
The fact that is is exactly 75 makes me think I either some how missed 3 25 boosts sales or they somehow got 3 extra.
Hoping other players total speed boosts will help answer the question.

I was also hoping no one would name drop or point fingers so this thread isn’t closed as well.

Grimparadox - when boosts were first launched there was a massive mess up which could only be sorted by Ludia removing them, then refunding in game cash, and allowing a pretty unlimited buy back for two days.
So this is probably where you are getting a differing amount.


I’ve kept a detailed log of all boost sales (bought all) and strike towers (did all) but I only have a total of 843 speed boosts.

Now you’re clearly 4 days ahead of me but anyone that can put a timer for 21hrs, after 1 week/7days you would be able to gain the extra boosts.

Anyone ahead of this…well look at that Montreal event looks nice huh lol

Ok that’s what I thought so that person was either able to buy more than they were supposed to or ludia gave them more than they should have after a roll back.

Glad ludia is keeping the arena fair and balanced.