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What is the current Meta?


Metahub wrote a really interesting article about the state of the new Meta. I thought this would be a great place to discuss.

What do ya’ll think?


Chomper meta IMO :slight_smile: tanks have been pushed aside and high damage dinos and swap in abilities are rife.

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I’m torn on this one. I love my Thor and it’s big damage output and crit chance. But I also like the swap Meta and some of the flexibility I have with that as well. I was running Stygidaryx on the team for a while and I hope it gets health buff or a different moveset, because running a mostly swap in/out team was really fun against the right dinos.


Giant horned yellow rat meta.:thinking:

Consider the “giant brown rat” also ruled ver.1.5, this make me feel like its just Rattata evolve into Raticate.


I said this in the article too but I really feel like swap in meta is MUCH less RNG dependent on my side than friggin THOR meta that we had before.

I prefer it, honestly. I prefer knowing something my opponent doesn’t based on the cards in my hand. I prefer being able to utilize a move that consistently does exactly what i need it to do with zero RNG chance. I like it better than 75% chance stuns, or 40% chance crits, or 50% chance cloaks.

Give me all swap in dinos. Make it crazy. I’m all for it. Less RNG. More control over my own team and more trying to figure out my opponent’s team.


Very good point. I have to admit that I despised Draco 1.6 but really, why? It is a “clean” card in hands and not just a luck generated by remote computer.

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In my opinion the swap meta still lacks something. They had to compensate and sponsor it by exaggerating with Dracos and their Swap in shattering rampage. Because they are practically the only dinos with sia heavily played. Maybe not getting a random order of our random 4 cards could help the swap meta to shine and would lead players to incorporate more sia mechanics to chain with their other dinos. The solution could be to be able to choose our 4 dinos and their order. Obviously, accompanied by a system that would not allow players to play the same 4 dinos over and over and over and over.
Don’t know if this could work btw, because the rng factor is still present, maybe not in the field with crits, dodge and stuns, but before with still random dinos and in random order.
Ah, me too would love a swap meta. I really like the sia mechanic.

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I like the idea of being able to choose the order. I don’t think we should ever be able to choose the 4, but it would be nice to be able to “set up” your team to it’s best ability after you see your deck.


I will take a reduction of 6 RNG qualities down to 2-3 anyday. I’d much prefer a Dg2 or Dracocera shattering rampage to a 50/50 shot at a dodge. Sure my deck isn’t guaranteed, but i can field both of the swap ins, and i can field counters. and i can field swap outs, so that statistically i’m always getting a hand that saves me swap-turns and costs you damage. :smiley:


I’ve also been working on a team that doesn’t rely heavily on rng. I field indor but almost never use evade. I want my moves to do what they say they will do, I couldn’t even tell you what the crit percents on my dinos are because I will never count on them.


I agree. I have come to loathe the games against people who are fielding Indom, Monomimus, Erlidom, and Indoraptor. I may have a really decent team, but when they immediately use cloak or evasive and the manage to dodge everything there isn’t much I can do about that.

I have found, however, that pulling out all my RNG reliant dinos (except for Indoraptor), has allowed my trophy swing to be much smaller. I will only range 150-200 trophies up and down when I could fall 400 trophies sometimes when I had Monomimus and Indom on the team.

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I don’t know… All I know is that how much I hate Dracoce-RAT-OP-s and and how it, despite being a less RNG dependent tactic, pushed me personally, to stack RNG.

Because when my strategy was about min-maxing swap out moves to chainreact an early advantage, Dracoce-RAT-OP-s threw that out of the window. So I pretty much am forced to basically somehow make an extra dinosaur through the match to deal with a potential Rat swap…

And dodges is the mechanic that allowes you to basically generate “extra hp” somewhat reliably. So my team has pretty much evolved into having 4 dedicated dodgers (Erlidominus, Indoraptor, Proceratomimus and I-Rex) to deal with the yellow telly-tuby plague, on top of having Diorajasaurus and Thoradolosaurus.


cry baby meta!!

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The meta is gold skills and random chance hoping