What is the daily cash limit


I’ve seen posts on the forums saying a random number anywhere from 30-100 a day as the daily cash limit. As a VIP level 11, I have only ever gotten 40 a day before hitting my cap. Does it vary with level? What is the true cap for vip/non vip? Why are players reporting different caps? Thanks in advance


This article explains if you have the VIP what the increased limits are compared to standard. Nice chart that will answer your questions.


10 for f2p, 40 for vip. anyone who tells you otherwise is stupid or trolling.


I think this post can be usefull


I think this is 40 bucks per day as a VIP, and 20 bucks as regular access!


10 for f2p, however I’ve noticed the event supply drops don’t count toward this cap. I’ve hit my limit on regular drops, and still received cash from event drops!