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What is the deal with so many event hybrids?

Skoolasaurus, Geminititian, Dsungaia, Carbotoceratops, Smilonemys, Indoraptor gen 2. All of these share one trait, and it’s that their near impossible to make (ill make a case for Indo gen 2, since it only takes 50 dna per fuse and blue can be put in sanctuaries). What gives, Ludia?

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It will all become clear when the “special” incubators and scents appear in the company store.


Honestly, this was something people on these forums asked for after 1.5 when people had level 30 thors the day after patch hit.

Theres also a large post on here from people asking for more arena exclusive dinos to make it harder for spoofers that was posted during 1.6 i believe so this is a becareful what you ask for lesson.