What is the difference in the Legendary and Epic Bow?

From the descriptions I cant see how the Legendary is better, or even as good. But my entire team gets obliterated by the Ranger occasionally, and my Ranger with the Epic bow can not do that. I always assumed it was the Legendary bow but the description doesn’t bear that out. Is it maybe the quiver that is wiping me consistently?

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I have my epic bow at level 5 and I do not have legendary yet, comparing info I see that most things are equal like you say. However there are a couple of differences. The epic bow only hits enemies in the same zone but the legendary hits up to 3 zones. Also, the damage from the legendary has a lower bottom end but a higher top end. So, over all the differences I see is that the legendary can hit more enemies if they are spread out and has a chance for higher damage. Plus like I said that is with the epic bow at level 5 and the legendary would be at level 1, so it probably gets even better later.

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Actually, it was nerfed a few updates ago to only hit one row (until it’s upgraded to lv 4 that is). The description was never updated though.

I continue to use the Epic bow because the proc rate at lv 5 is a whopping 75%, so it’s great at spreading the damage around (and killing Yalthoon clones).

Source: Update 8 - BATTLES & BRAWLS

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I believe what you’re seeing when your team gets 1-shot is a fury proc going off.

The legendary braces can proc fury on turn. I’ve even seen it stack, so kiss your team goodbye.

Its the bow+bracer+quiver combo, when all three of these interoperate, is when u experience this insanity

Actually, I got my legendary bow to rank 2 and this bug started to happen.
After multiple tests, in which I was wearing the gloves, which only boost attack stats and do not have crit / double strike procs % to “change the results”, I found out the roots of it…

The legendary bow rank 1 DO NOT proc this insanity.
Starting rank 2 it does. (can’t test rank 3 as I do not own another 5 copies of the bow)
It procs 1 volley of arrows PER CHARACTER in a row your aiming at.

  • So when I shoot and it procs on a row with 1 user, it does the damage it is supposed to: 1 hit of 125% weapon dmg.
  • If I target a row with 2 targets, instead of doing 1 volley of 1 arrow per target, the proc hits each target for 2 arrows, the same as if I had proc the volley on target 1 and target 2, which results in each targets getting 2 hits.
  • if I target a row with 3 targets, it sends 3 volleys, so each target gets hit 3 times instead of 1 time as intended… or as stated.
  • its the same on a row with 4 targets == 4 volleys.

What I have also noticed, is that the subsequent volleys seem to hit 125% damage of the previous ones, which means that if your normal hits are 100, the first volley hits 125, the second for ~156, the third for ~195 and the fourth one for ~244 (per arrow) == aka your entire team dies.

This makes the entire proc ever so slightly overpowered.

My best exemple is 1 shotting Q in HCD on room 9 with this proc… you know because he gets hit 4 times in a row because of the illusions.

Anyone else noticed this?
Could the dev look into this? @Jon


Thanks so much for your detailed discription, the dev team is looking into as we speak.

I want to thank you for this as well. I don’t have that bow, but I definitely noticed it murdering my people in PVP, and that it seemed to be worse if I had more Characters in the row, but I didn’t know if it was supposed to do that or not. Great information!