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What is the expected cut off for the zalmoxes tournament

So the zalmoxes tournament came out and I’m wondering what the cut off is. I’m predicting 750 since I’ve never done another Rules tournament. So what is it usually?

750 seems low for dominator? I have not been around long, but I’d guess 1400+?

My guess will be around 1200 trophies.
Note it is exactly 3 days tournament as oppose to general 3 days and 4 hrs tournament.
Plus most of the guys have already unlocked in stage 80 and that too with rules which doesn’t include have carnivorous ( most of us have carnivorous in plenty).
So, I can’t see going past 1200…

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I cracked dominator with 262 today, but throughout the whole thing m, I’d say about 1000-1200

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I’m hoping it stays low. My bench is a bit limited with these rules. (But I am evolving my first Gorgosuchus to help now!)

I know I can finish in Predator, but Dom might be tough.

I have the unlock, but the DNA/DB/dino is still worth it.

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Clinging to Dominator at 275 currently. I don’t love my chances on this one, I just don’t have the birds.