What is the Hardest Arena to get out of

I think it’s aviary. There’s a giant jump in power between Lockwood Estate (where Indoraotor is still relevant) and Lockwood Library (where most people already have boosted Apexes). Aviary happens to be right in between the two, making matchmaking a complete mess.

I have been stuck here for over a year, only managing to get out once because of luck :sob:.

What do you think the hardest arena to escape is?


I was stuck in aviary for over a year and I’m still up and down between aviary and library every day, even with boosted level 26 apexes. Aviary makes no sense.


Aviary is definitely the hardest arena to get out of. Was stuck there for 2 years.

Its one of those areas where you stop boosting creatures while you figure out what you need. Make note of what you see most often then devise a counter list of what to work on. Be comfotable not boosting anything while adjusting to meta shifts. It takes a while, but once out with solid meta creatures you can stay out.

The training wheels come off and you either keep going or crash.


It’s between Aviary or Library, many were stuck in Aviary for a very long time, same for me but in Library instead…

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I was stuck in aviary and library for roughly the same amount of time - 18 months in each.

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Lockwood library, the game just becomes really unmotivating to do pvp at that point and it’s even less balanced than aviary


Personally I feel like aviary is a bit overrated for how difficult it is to get out of but it could be because I had a few lv 26-27 apexs by the time I got out

I would say Aviary I have been in there 1 whole damn year and the closet I have gotten out of it is when I reached 4960 cups

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It feels like there should be 1-2 more arenas between Lockwood Estate and Aviary. That would make the matchmaking in Aviary as well as the Library more fair. The players would be more spread out and players like me wouldn’t be getting swept by level 30 max boosted apexes.

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Aviary and anybody who says otherwise is wrong.

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I would love to see the number if players in each arena. I also think they should create more levels for players 4500 througj 6000. After each update seems hard to maintain tge level you were at before the update.

will give a ok idea of where people are not the biggest dataset but its ok

Aviary, easy. I have been and still am in the middle of a two year stretch. To be entirely fair I haven’t actually been progressing a whole lot since I keep refocusing on new creatures (and the amount of coins you need to level things up is absolutely obscene), but yeah. It’s a grind near Masrani’s grave.

And this is why I will never get out


Aviary and Library are probably fairly close. Aviary’s tough because of the massive range of team power–you can break into Aviary with a seriously mediocre team, but to break out, you need good levels and relatively decent creatures. Library is tough because everything is strong and you start to actually see some effects from the top end meta, so if you’re not playing to that, you’re going to have a hard time. I think the one advantage people have in Library over Aviary is the power gap is closer, since you do need a pretty bustin team to get out of Aviary consistently in the first place, so I’d probably say Aviary beats out Library, but both are rough.


Was in library for must’ve been 2 years. Read a lot of books.

Touched Gyrosphere briefly, still not staying in it much.

Probably doesn’t help that I’m unique only.


And that’s why I started working on Anklos Lux when I was in Manor (I’m in Aviary now with about 5600 cups and I finally have seen the hell that is aviary, the arena looks nice though)

PS Dio at level 23 and Ankym at level 20

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Library. End of discussion.

It is 100% aviary. Was stuck there for almost 2 years. Still end up getting stuck there now sometimes. I’ll have losing streaks of like 6+ and then bam I’m back at 4850 and I get to grind back up to library again. It’s a real chore and it’s getting really annoying

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