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What is the highest damage possible in the game?


Is it Tryostronix Rampage+RTC+Ferocious strike+crit+vulnerability?
Is it Trex Rampage+crit+vulnerability?
Or something else?


I think erlidominus cloak+rampage+crit


1823 damage on level 30 for erli vs 1398 damage on tryo level 30.
1823x2(cloak)x2(rampage)×1.5(crit) gives a total of 10.938 damage.
Tryo will have higher damage against creatures with armor of 30% or more.






How would it pull that off?
vulnerability lasts 1 turn, and setting up cloak as well…


I was once on the receiving end of a 9000 point cloaked rampage crit by Erlidom.
I did not enjoy that experience.


Spino gen1 has a skill called exploit wound which will cause bleed and vulnerability for 3 turns if I remembered correctly.

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My god … over 10,000 in one hit? Ouch :hammer:

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Its 2 turns, and you have to switch to erli, then cloak…

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What if your spino gets killed on the turn you did exploit wound? Then you don’t have to switch to waste a turn.

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dont know if that works, the bleed does a tick that turn after it gets killed, so im not sure if vulnerability will last one turn more or if it works as one effect and end.

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Exploit open wound. I did 11840 dmg to an I-Rex.

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Or use that move when you know your spino will die.
I never swapped out.
I sent in I-Rex (vs apato).
I used cloak.
Vulnerability still on.
Used apr, got a critical, did 11840 dmg.

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Ok, if that works than it will add to more damage, theoretically, since it wont ever happen in real battles :’)

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Dats alotta damage! How about some more?