What is the math for evenly leveled same species dinos going first?


I faced a Stegoceratops with my Stegoceratops today. Both same level. Both opened with slow down. Him first then me. I expected me to go first the second round but he went first again where he stunned me then hit me with stun strike which stunned me again yet left me with 20 hp. I got killed by him with a low stun. I always thought same level same species had the same speed so attack orders were traded between strikes.


Whichever one of you hits the button first.


At that point, it’s all about how quickly you hit a command button.


Wow. OK then. Thanks.


Is it really that simple? It should be an automated 50/50 chance.


Nah i have never not went first with same lvl dinos cause im hittin my phone screen about 30 times a second before attacks come up :joy:


This will be my new go to move


Wow. I thought it was actually random who goes first when speed levels are tied. Good to know.