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What is the minimum level for Alankylosaurus to survive in Jurassic Ruins?

With the flying creatures being back for another week and a chance to dart Alanqa as well as her legendary hybrid later this week, it seems that many of us may have a chance to unlock or level up our Alankylosaurus. :star_struck: As the subject suggests, what do you feel is the minimum level Alankylosaurus needs to hit for her to be viable in Jurassic Ruins?

I’m thinking at least level 20 but in that case, darting Alanqa and Alankylosaurus alone may not be enough to level her up to 20. Thoughts? :thinking:


Lvl 20 is minimum. 21-22 is stable. Even in Area 7 I often see lvl 19-20 dinosaurs.
Alankylosaurus is like a more defensive Tragodistis (has Short Defense instead of Greater Stunning Strike).


Wouldn’t even bother with it!!


So in other words, unless I somehow make it to Lockwood Estates where there’s a chance for her exclusive dna, I should probably bench Alankylosaurus for now?

Sadly, yes. There are two cases it seems useful to me - 1. 16-19 in arena 7
2. 20+ in arena 8 - which means you need arena 9 incs.

Kinda dumb imo.

Sounds like I won’t get a chance to use her at all then because I’m sure my other dinos will be far stronger than her if I do manage to make it to Lockwood at some point. I’ve already done all the strike events for this week and was only able to level her up to 17, no amount of exceptional darting will get her to 20 :joy:

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I think so. Better choose Tragodistis now, cause it’s easier to get. Unless the Gold Strike Events with Pterosaurus will be returning in next week, so you’d get more Alanqa’s DNA. But I doubt they will. We have a lot of these Events for two weeks.

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I could level my alanqa to 15 and then do a few fuses… but just don’t see the point wasting coins for something that’s never going to be good enough for where I am


Pterosaurus strike events seem to like to give me only Pteranodon dna, I don’t even know what to do with them at this point :rofl:

It’s too bad, just another dino to fill the Dinodex again

Disagree with most of the above - mine is L17 and I was using him at L16.

Latest battle - Jurassic Ruins, 2-2

L22 Stegodeus ~ 2000 HP vs I-Rex ~600 HP Cloaked

Swap in Alankylosaurus L17, Swap In Invincibility which shrugs off his attack followed by Rampage smack down (-1162 HP) which kills him. 3-2 to me. Won several battles for me as a “to the rescue” final creature.

Hope to make him L18 later this week.


In some situations it may be useful but it depends on your team (your strategy) and opponent’s team. It is perfect counter for Indominus but in other situations underleveled Alankylosaurus may be easily defeated by other dinos.

I think at the moment it also has the surprise factor - swapped it in in another 2-2 situation where their creature had defense shattering strike and they completely failed to use it instead picking another move that failed and I won :slight_smile: For now its a fun addition to the team.

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That’s 1 situation that comes around once in about 20 battles… not worth it

I agree it doesn’t suit every situation but I would say its been my final creature in about 6 battles and I only recall it failing once and that was a multi round smack around with a Stegodeus that had 3000 HP when I swapped in. And as I mention above it catches people out at the moment.

Im trying to get to arena 9 so i can farm that dna. Slow going though, less than 300 people at 9+ right now.

Use what makes you happy. What’s your motivation? Rising in the arena or having diversity in battle? Get it high enough and paired with the right supporting cast to work for you. I strongly disagree with the waste of time philosophy unless you decide that for yourself. That is how nunda surprised people early on because they thought it was useless feeder dino, or Orphiacodon for that matter.


I’m a completionist first and foremost so unlocking them all is the primary objective. However, with arena exclusive dna it means I will have to strengthen my team to level up in arena in order to get the dna I need to unlock the dinos. So, it’s a bit of a catch 22 for me sometimes :rofl:

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Mmmmm yeah I hear you on that.

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I believe any Dino can be viable in arenas. Everything is a counter to something. Try testing it in friendly battles against what you think are going to be common arena teams to see how it works. I love that system, I test them all that way and it is fun to boot.