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What is the most damage done by you?

Since we have battles and there are many ways to do lots of damage I wonder what the most amount of damage you have done.

There is a leaderboard and there will be a top 5

1.32000 x2
2.25000 x2
4.11000 x2

Can you also beat my score which is 10750 damage.
I don’t have the picture to prove it but I-rex had revenge cloak and increased attacks and went for rampage and got the critical.

I Rex would most likely be at the top either way. Unless you’re in the Mammotherium raid and you use Allo G2 lol.

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If rend is allowed then it would be thyla, 25.000+ damage on mortem Rex boss

Technically… 155000 damage. This is really hard to pull off though, let me explain how it would be achieved.

If you use Max damage Indom. Then use 6 ferocity buffs from Irritator and then do cloak in a raid. That would equate to the following math: 2734 x 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 x1.5 x 1.5 x 2 = 155k.

I think the most damage I have done is with my erlidom and it was like 11,000 something. Can’t remember the exact #’s that was in the arena. In raids 14,000, against grypo

Ferocius strike + devastation (and critical)


My most damage is 4000

what about using I-rex gen2 so it can also use mutual fury, or what about doing it with normal I-rex in an I-rex raid when the boss uses instant mutual fury and the last turn killed an irri so your I-rex gets the revenge?
oh and yes of course it’ll get a crit with 100% chance

If rending is allowed, it would be thyla or marsupial lion , 25k damage on mortem

I’ve done over 32,000 with an Erlidom in a raid. Was used with RTC and survived an attack while cloaked.

Personally, the most I’ve hit for in PvP was ~6150 with ELania. In raids, I’ve hit in excess of 11k with a Thyla rend.

Once got 32000 damage from using a souped up Thyla during a Mortem raid. Irri did group take down and I did deliberate prowl.

11704 in pvp, in a raid 25656