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What is the most hated dino in the game? (Poll)

So, there are many dinos that players have so I have come up with an experiment to see which is the most hated di no in the game. Enjoy! Choose the di no you hate most

  • Entelomoth
  • Geminititan
  • Indo gen 2
  • Procerathomimus
  • Thor
  • DC
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Other

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LOL The Rat still lives

it isn’t as much of a pain as it used to be. still annoying. about as annoying as a monosteg swap.


MUAHAHA :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Much less annoying imho. Still absolutely despise it,and wouldn’t mind seeing it get gutted even more lol. Although other creatures deserve priorities when it comes to buffs and nerfs,now that dc isn’t an unpredictable swap monster

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I mean Thor and Procera isnt annoying if you dont gives a Boost to it. However if you put too much boost, It will be annoying as Heck

I didn’t put the dinos I think are broken. I just put the most hated ones. Also yoshi is super busted in epic hybrid tournaments

Oh i see…

What about Mammolania and Indominus rex G2?
I suppose they might not be hated, but they do fit the mould for the same reasons as Gemini.


There was a similar poll before. Of course Indo G2 won too

IndoG2 And procera both belong in hell… I’d vote for both of them if I could.


To me indo g2 is worse bc it is a little more versatile and has better matchups against the tyrants. Plus it has speed control. Procera doesn’t really need speed control bc it is so fast and immune but against other speedsters that can increase speed it doesn’t do as well. They’re both busted in their respective rarities and they both need to be nerfed to hell


I don’t hate dinos… I hate nasty players

In arena (im in aviary) : indo g2 and proceratho (and i use them in my team)
Epic hybrid tournament : procerathomimus
Legendary tournament : phorusaura
Common tournament : miragaia
All hybrid tournament : still phorusaura

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Unpopular Opinion Time: I don’t hate Indoraptor Gen 2 or Procerathomimus. I love Proceratos design and I praised it from the start. However, it is in drastic need of a nerf.

Indoraptor Gen 2 to me is fine stat wise, design wise and partially moveset wise. The issue for me is Cautious Strike. I know, I know this has already been stated but tbh I don’t like this move but I love Indoraptor Gen 2. I’ve seen the concept art for Fallen Kingdom and loved it

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I prefer remove dodge from CS so player cant spam it

Just Stupidly high boosted indominus Rex gen 1


Eventually, when Entelemoth becomes more and more common in the arenas, (esp. when Ludia starts to distribute its components left and right, just like with the ProRat) I guarantee that that will be leagues more annoying

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I hate phorusaura