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What is the most OP creature at the moment?

Which do you think is the most OP dino in the game as of 1.14?

  • Geminititan
  • Entelemoth
  • Mammolania

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Entelomoth without question, then Gemini, then Lania, which isn’t really OP anymore.

You honestly can’t place 1 over the other. They play completely different roles. I voted Gemini because It is slightly more versatile in what it does, though they both master their respective roles

Lania isn’t as great now with that definite rampage nerf, it’s still a great creature but not as great now, has a possibility to drop from high tyrant.
Gemini I can understand that people still find it op because of the high damage and they cycling of decel rampage and DSA and has high HP with full immunity, but it doesn’t have a ferocity move.
Entelomoth can wreck anything aside from the 2 indos and maybe erlidominus can stand a chance. It also has on escape heal which is a very good on escape ability (Great job for that nerf). Imo I think moth is more OP simply because of that MF + DSR and if you combine the 2 ferocity moves together it can deal a whopping 5800 Damage, that’s almost enough to 1 shot a brachiosaurus! So, yeah, I’d rather fight a gemini or anything over entelomoth.


Sure you can. Gemini is strong but it typically doesn’t wipe out entire teams like Moth can.

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Gemini is the immovable object. Entelemoth is the unstoppable force.


Gemini is the matchup king while a set up lania is the strongest creature in the game. Moth is the best of both worlds. However, it’s definitely between moth and gemini. I say gemini because it’s stats help when boosting and it has the best move in the game while nothing else does

:poop:boosts are

Gemini is still OP even with the nerf
Entelomoth I have faced once. Yes it is a pain in the butt. But when I use it, it becomes a Thor’s juicy pork nugget

All are wrong, My Ankylocodon is the most OP creature. :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot Megalosuchus in your poll.


Oh yeah, I forgot that it can beat a mamolania, geminititan and entelomoth without taking a tickle.

Honestly, I have to say, Apato is the most op. Man that pinning strike is OP


These Magnificent 7 creatures are the stuff of nightmares. I shudder to meet any of them.

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The 7 wonders of the world - Jurassic World Alive edition :rofl:

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TBH einasaurus is not that bad. It should move up a tier

Also Ludia, please nerf dimorphodon. Too broken. Pls

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damage needs to go from 500 to 1. that way pinning strike kills all the dinos.

2 of those are Uniques and are right to be considered OP if they are. Then you got other Uniques who are as useless some “epics.”

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You’re darn tootin she can :triumph:

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Entelemoth. Gemini stops any one thing but it doesn’t have that sheer destructive wipeout power. Mammolania is rip after the coming update. Gemini fits on any team and is overall better imo…