What is the most underrated dinosaur?

What do you think is the most underrated dinosaur?

  • Antarctovenator
  • Indoraptor
  • Dracoceratosaurus
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Entelolania
  • Refrenantem
  • Parasaurolophus Lux
  • Poukandactylus
  • Thylacotator
  • Pterovexus
  • Scutophicyon
  • Spinonyx

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For me it’s Antarctovenator, the fact this thing can beat every other wildcard (I’ve tested this) yet isn’t talked about baffles me.

Vexus. He has vanished from the Arena


The poll strongly disagrees with you.

Agreed. He’s never talked or spoken about at all. He deserves some love.

Entelolania. That thing can do a lot of damage if used correctly. It’s insane.


Just needs stun res and instant tyrant

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Why’s indo so high? it’s not underrated. It’s very over used for early uniques, like thor.


Possibly because many players look at him and think Indoraptor has been left behind in the game with the release of newer Unique creatures, when the truth is that Indoraptor is still very viable for a good chunk of the game.

It’s good for one arena, Aviary, after that it isn’t too good. As opposed to Thoradolosaur, Compsocaulus, and Dracoceratosaurus which are uniques that are arguably easier to make yet can be used up until Gyrosphere depot/ Nublar shores.

Disappointing :pensive:

Indoraptor is good up to that point. Creatures fall into different corners of the Arena in usefulness. I think a lot of people forget that. Just because he isn’t great past that point doesn’t make him bad, hence why he’s seriously underrated.

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