What is the newest most broken creature pt.1

so after update 2.10 we have new creatures most are broken so lets start

creature one
a hybrid of Argentavis and Archeopteryx the nerf to Sarcorixis made hybrid tournaments intresting Sarcorixis was gone from tournament and arena but this new hybrid is the new Sarcorixis what made this bird OP was its heal move speeding up cleansing and distraction and this isn’t only a move but it’s the same thing for on swap another thing this was a flock meaning it takes less damage adding with the dodge and distraction that takes 2 turns so then you can heal with only taking mostly one flock member down then eventually you get back to full hp well almost only missing one hp most creatures that are meant to counter it like carnotarkus fails mostly the most viable counters to this is megalotops and yet thats not a guaranteed since the creature could swap to save altough tournament monster just like sacorixis not exactly meant for arena
creature 2
ever since the buff testa was broken healing powers stall your enemy it was nerfed but a slight one so testa continues to be broken theres really not alot to say about this creature except that the counter is the very reason of its rise and the heal needs a slight nerf or its damage and its armor exchange for hp
anyways this is part one soon i;ll make a part 2 of these obsurdly good creatures anyways feel free to tell your opinion


Think so agree

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Argenteryx is definitely the most broken for its rarity so maybe its the most broken creature for its rarity
But skoona is 100% the best creature in the game so its the most broken when compared in a general status of “whats the best creature in the game”


Ah yes Skoona that’ll be in part 2 along with Phorurex

I will say phourarex isnt that incredible hard to counter, most resilents kill it in 2 turns before it can get off lethal rampage and run. It fits its playstyle as a “glass cannon” pretty well.

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It’s not broken just not balanced either i take factor of that resilients can defeat it if it’s a pure 1v1

yup its broken

testacornibus is veryyyy Op wonder where it got the counter power heal from if it’s not from the epic deer

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