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What is the next event dino


Have events changed and how does it work, what is the next, i want the pyrator


Today (friday) and tomorrow (saturday) will have BOTH dimetrodon and irritator available at the SAME TIME, with 10 chances on EITHER of them, you choose how many chances you wanna waste on each… and sunday is a chance (not sure how many) on pyrritator


Yes, the events have changed, and unfortunately the Pyroraptor event is over. Today and Saturday will be Dimetrodon and Irritator.

You’ll have 10 attempts total between the two dinosaurs, and the Event Supply drops will randomly choose whether to display Dimetrodon or Irritator. So you could do something like…

-10 attempts at Dimetrodon
-10 attempts at Irritator
-5/5 for both, or some combination thereof.

I recommend referring to for weekly updates, predictions, and advice. That’s where a lot of us get our info in advance.

[Edit: Oops, someone beat me to the punch. I’ve heard 1 attempt at Pyrritator on Sunday according to Metahub, though…]