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What is the next major update?

What do you think will the next big update in this game? I desperately hope aquatics but it’s probably something else. Maybe new families and a new feature

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Hopefuly aquatics but ludia only cares about money and doenst care about comunity ideas

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I just want a big balance update and maybe something about those known issues like speedties or something…


I would say camp cretaceous season 3 but E750 is apperantly the only new dinosaur besides ceratosaurus from that show so it’s probably a smaller update unless more dinosaurs show up in season 3

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They’re teasing that since the last three updates so i hope we get a big balance update too

To put andrew , tryko and some more creatures in the metas trash can and bring back some that are dead inside the meta


Maybe do something with vexus and constrictor as well


Brimg them back to the meta

yeah those 2 are in the group of creatures that absolutely need a rework

Give them some strike that make them powerful but not broken

Pls enter

Deleted it

I feel as though we shouldn’t really get aquatics until ludia decides to fix the arena, creatures and bugs, since those are a main problem rn

My prediction:

Late April/Early May = “big balance update”

Early June = Summer Update, featuring PvP team battles

Hopefully they fix arena and all the bugs along the way…


Don’t forget Scorpius Rex.
Actually, now that I think about it they still haven’t added Cerato from CC S2. Maybe they’ll come together. Maybe Scorpius will be a Cerato hybrid.


Something like 2.0 creatures update

probably E750.\

3rd year anniversary of the world wide release.
so… something big. as big as 2.0 was… idk.

I’d say a Camp Cretaceous Update with matchmaking fixed, creature rebalancing, an updated raid schedule that has raids more evenly spread out, and bug fixes. A change to the boost system would be nice. Maybe 3.0 can be the aquatic update.

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Probably but my only problem is that ceratosaurus and E750 are apparently the only new dinosaurs in camp cretaceous. And there are rumors of a season 4 and 5 so I’m not sure if this would be a major update