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What is the plan going forward?


So I think the game has potential, but am curious what’s next? Like are more characters, game modes, etc going to be added? As it is right now I see little incentive to keep playing past a couple days?

The animation and gameplay are neat, great even, but I feel like I’m wanting more. More characters, maybe villain characters, enough to create a squad for themselves, more characters to work towards unlocking. And while the gameplay with the different rooms is well designed and fun enough, in this aspect I also feel like the game could give more, longer missions, more choices as to which way to go, so each time you play the experience is a bit different. I think it would help keep players engaged and interested in coming back each day.

I know it’s a mobile game, so maybe it’s unreasonable to expect more. And of course players can always just go play a PC game. But mobile gaming is advancing so fast, I can even play the old Star Wars KOTOR on a tablet. It’s an old game but still.

Anyways just some thoughts, but I say go all out. Make a game that has enough to keep people playing for years. Think of the source material. D&D has dozens of books, each book has enough material to keep people entertained for years. So no reason a game, even a mobile game version couldn’t also last for years.

So hoping the game will last and plans are in place to continue updates with new material.

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