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What is the point of even playing anymore?

This game has been in the process of breaking down for a long time now…and after the whole debacle with with some players getting unlimited health/speed boosts in the store, it’s a hanging man whose neck didn’t snap and is just strangling on the noose. Battles are no longer winnable for the plebs who were not lucky enough not to be able to partake of this exploit (and it is an exploit, Ludia, which I believe is against your TOS, and the fact that you’ve done nothing about it is completely unethical), and considering that it’s a major part of the game, well, do the math. You certainly know how to add up the dollars; better start learning how to subtract.

Count me as one more VIP cancellation. You’re not getting another dime out of me. Let the cheaters run rampant, they too will eventually tire of one another and then this will just be another game gone belly up, all in the name of the all mighty dollar.

Congrats - job well done.


Today’s been the last straw for me. I was 3 points to levelling up in the battles and I go hammered with hardly able to reply to my apponants dinos. I have better things to do with my life so I’m uninstalling the game. It’s just not worth the hassle.


It’s one thing to lose sometimes. It’s one thing to lose a lot - I don’t care about losing as long as it’s honestly. But it’s another thing altogether to lose OVER AND OVER, especially when you know you’re losing to cheaters and exploiters and that Ludia can’t be bothered to give two craps about it.


In a nutshell that is the reason I cancelled my VIP.


I loved the game before 1.7.


Ditto. Too bad, too because I was really looking forward to it.

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This game is a lot more then Jurassic World Arena.

I find the PvE and collection aspects to be quite fun. My dog also loves the game, as he gets to go for lots of walks. :slight_smile:

I get that people love the arena, and thats great, but this is a fun PvE game as well.


If you mitigate your fun by the arena, it could be rough, but there could be other things about this game that catch your attention.

I enjoy being out with my kids hunting. I enjoy some of the strike towers, right now arena is not the end of the world for me at my trophy level, but time will tell there.

I’m optimistic at the moment and I’m not ready to jump ship yet. One helpful thing in arena is that after too losses now we get an AI opponent at the badlands/lockdown/area. That means I can get crushed 2 in a row and then maybe make a comeback for incubator, instead of like 5+ straight losses.

But when it truly does reach a point of no fun, I’ll be out. Luckily I tend to make my own fun. And one persons fun will not always equate to another.

Things that keep me here. This morning I had a battle and made about four stupid choices . Got trounced and went to check out my opponent. Friend request waiting. They most of really felt sorry for me :slight_smile: wish we could chat with some opponents about our battles and strategy in game. I’ve had some really great thought provoking battles in my time. Course 3000-3500 is a different game than 4500+


In a perfect world sure. Would be a hate bashing mess in our reality I’m afraid. They would have to hire 80 new moderators just for this. :yum:

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No doubt :slight_smile:

Wish we could have a white list to friend chat. Could always kick the haters from your friend list. For every toxic person who wants to rain on your parade there is a person who wants to laugh with you instead of at you. Though this last friend was probably a little of both.


I still want to play. Love the game, plus I still have lots of dinos to unlock. Which is my favorite part of the game. You don’t have to quit the game entirely. Maybe unsub your vip for now. Just play casually on free time or for hunts. Occasional battles for incubators. Try to enjoy it instead of being in the seriousness of it.

Ahh man I used to hunt with my dog too. Until about 3 weeks ago… Him not here anymore has made my hunts not as fun.


Dang man, sorry to hear that. :no_mouth:

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On a good note of today. Since everything is negative today xd


The point in still playing is to find out how it all works out in the end! I agree the way boosts were implemented has severely damaged the game mechanics. I think broken is a good term for it.

But I have a year invested in this and am not going to just quit. I have cut way back on my game activity due to most of it not having any impact on game progress or satisfaction now. I will do the events and my daily missions then find other things to occupy my time.

One thing I am interested in finding out is where my new trophy level will be. I have been steady at 4100 since level 16 - 18 Legendary and level 20 Epic ruled the roost there. It evolved into level 22 - 24 Unique and 24 Legendary as the standard. I have not boosted or leveled since 1.7 hit and will continue to battle for my daily until I stabilize. I am able to get two takedowns per battle now so won’t be too much further down before I will find my new creature level/skill level balance point. Perhaps I will make it low enough so I can battle bots after two losses! I might enjoy that.


Must be erlidom day, finally got mine too! Congrats!

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And I got mine to level 27! By the way, you obliterated me in the arena a couple of times before 1.7! Looking forward to a rematch!

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I’ve been threatening to cancel my VIP for months but decided to keep it because I can’t give up that extra DNA. I see potential in the boosts, it can add the much needed variety to the game. But I agree that it was unfair that so many got the chance to buy unlimited boosts and now the arena is a madhouse with these ridiculous strong creatures

Agreed. Pretty messed up that all those players seem to have kept their stolen rewards and you’ve taken it out of the game for everyone now, so there’s no way to compete against the cheaters.

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Sorry about your dog. Such great creatures.

I met you on my climb to Sorna. Recognized the handle. I at least assume it’s you.

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I agree I’m going to cancel my vip too… And I’m going to make a public video of it… With a matching band.