What is the point of revenge rampage?

I don’t understand how its a revenging move.
It already has no delay, and it does the same amount of damage if its revenge or not.


So, what’s the point of it…?

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If revenge is active the move has no cooldown, making you rampage twice in a row



Oh yeah.

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Heheh no problem, also good to see you again Asta :wink:

You too!

I’m super tired and I just couldn’t figure out the point of it. :rofl:

Ahh, well now you know, have a nice day!

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Well when my entelochops uses revenge rampage it still has a cooldown.

Entelochops has revenge DSR I believe

i think it has: supiriority strike, mutual fury, revenge decel, and revenge rampage. i dont think it can distract, its fused from a fierce and a resilient and DSR is cunning is it not?

It is revenge shattering rampage, so on revenge it is a dsr without delay.

that’s cuz its revenge moves are the dsr without a delay and the 2nd deceleration move that has its attack increased by an amount I forgot about

Chops, on Revenge, has no delay on DSR and the impact will become Rampage.

double rmpg vs cooldown rmpg
:eyes: I see big difference