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What is the point of support?

Has anyone received any actual compensation from Ludia after submitting a request through support? The closest I have come to anything useful is being told they will consult the DM handbook or forward my feedback to the appropriate department but then…crickets. At least with Magic the Gathering Online when they mess up, Wizards provides compensation. When in 2 weeks of Moment of Glory I got to play 2 (out of a possible 50) challenges I thought for sure that was finally something simple enough that they could figure out a reasonable form of compensation but all I got was the advice to take a screen shot which is only helpful if I just assume in advance that the app will screw me over and pre-emptively take screen shots. Anyone have a better experience?

So I just responded to the last message where I was told 3 weeks ago, after waiting 10 days with no response, to rest assured that my issue was being forwarded to the proper department for review. Got an auto reply that my ticket had been closed but at least they provided a link to support!

I accidentally clicked to purchase gold and spent 4,500 gems. Gems which I most definitely did not want to spend on gold and had been saving for when a 2,500 2-4-1 legendary pack offer came up. I asked if I could swap the gold back for the gems since there’s no confirm purchase button (which is standard everywhere) and this was a simple misclick, but nope, caveat emptor.

What angers me about this is that the game is built this way on purpose. The lack of a confirm purchase button is a very deliberate choice to take advantage of lapses like this and erode your will, making you more likely to spend real world dollars to get fake world resources. That the ‘support’ staff won’t help with issues like this is also a very deliberate tactic of unhelpfulness.

I remember having this same discussion when I first started playing. The lack of a confirm for diamond purchases. I see similar in most “phone games” I play. It is the same reason they put the button to continue in explore mode the way they do. It is bigger and on the right side from the other button, that way there is a chance you will hit it on accident. It’s pretty standard

I did get compensation for two different situations.
A few months ago, the old patches had revive costing 250 gems. I was playing for only 2 weeks, about to quit too because the game seemed too difficult for me to start. While in a dungeon, my party wiped and I accidentally clicked on revive, there was NO second confirmation or warning either, ate my 250 gems and at this point I was ready to uninstall the game. Also i couldn’t complete the current room either after revival because my game crashed and when i went back my guys weren’t restored to full health. 250 gems was a lot by the way, i only had like 300 gems back then.
I explained the situation to support and they refunded me my 250 gems this one time only. Cool, i went my way and gave the game a second chance.

Another situation had a bug in the game where if you were in the middle of a dungeon and you restart the game and pressed continue when prompted to go back into the dungeon, the screen would be stuck indefinitely at the loading screen, absolutely no way to continue. There would be no rewards if I left the dungeon early and I had so many gems and coins wasted because of this bug since I didn’t have a lot of time to play as I was working. I contacted support and posted in forums about the bug and expressed how pissed off i was and they compensated me… with a rare pack. It was garbage you don’t need to know what was inside, but that was what I got from contacting support in this incident.

I could think of an easy way to prevent accidental spending of a large currency. Have the confirmation button be a “hold this button” to buy. Let’s see how long it takes for this to happen.

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This is what I don’t get about strategies of denying refunds from companies like Ludia. Doing so creates good will. Not doing so builds resentment. Building good will costs them nothing but resentment costs them players. I’m glad you got your gems back, and that obviously was what kept you playing, but I feel as if I got shafted of 4,500 gems so all it’s done is build more resentment in me, and fuelled my resistance to making any purchases whatsoever in this game in the future.

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Hello, actually I was just now compensated for a mix up (a few gems and cards). For me, I have been pleasantly surprised by Ludia’s customer service and responsiveness on this Forum.

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