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What is the point of this dino


Just unlocked me the pachy. I’m really confused why did we need a 5th headbutt Dino that looks uglier than the rest!? It’s stats don’t look very good at all for an epic!!! Just a styg with slow!? What is everyone’s thoughts on this ugly bugger?


Its an absolute unit mate :joy: had to be in the game at some point! A true classic


At least she‘s got some new animations.
But I agree…she‘s extremely ugly and I don‘t like her. :joy:

Also at battle I cringe when I see how her legs are standing. Looks so weird somehow.


I don’t like it’s model&animation it’s like edmonto+stygi


What is the point of her? To satisfy JW fans that is sir.


Variety is the spice of life … or something like that.

But for real, It’s dinos like this that make me jealous of the lower tiers … they can actually bring them to the arena and have fun.

Who knows tho… it could be a hybrid ingredient down the road ??


since we are on the topic of ugly… this one really bothers me… tenontorex’s hands :nauseated_face:

just unlocked it yesterday and wish it was gone!!! lol



C’mon now, don’t be harshin’ on my tenontorex–She’s got the cutest stripey socks! <3


yes and a freakish claw thumb lol


HAHAH all these comments made me lol :joy: I think she’s kinda cute though! Definitely odd. I agree her stats are nothing impressive but I still can’t wait to unlock her !


Hmm I never noticed that, one of its nails are crooked too. :face_with_monocle::thinking: I think she needs a manicure!


Speak of the Devil. Courtesy of yesterday’s 24 hour arena incubator:


No koola? :grin:


I’m in remission :sweat_smile:


Hey at least u got kentrosaurus and no koola…