What is the purpose of the new chests?

25 Iguanadon DNA every six hours, that’s got to be completely useless even to a Lvl 1 player.


Not maybe lvl 1

I think just to upset everyone.

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I got slightly better at 25 tenonto


I thought the same thing, completely garbage.

Someone (I think) got 25 para lux

So you’re saying its a lottery where you have a very small chance of winning a very small amount of useful DNA?

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You forgot the part where they don’t give any coins also

These wouldn’t be so insulting if I didn’t have to wait 30 seconds after unlocking one for the screen to refresh and show me the supply drops they were covering.

a waste of pixels and internet and yeha the lag as well

Yeah if they didn’t despawn after one spin and you could go hunt down that ParaLux DNA (and maybe it gave like… 50 every reset?), that might be worth it.

As is, not even close to worth it. I spin it to get it off my map, and that’s it. I don’t even care about the DNA.