What is the Red dinosaur in the Power-Up incubator?


Is it a new dino? I’ve never seen a dinosaur like that. Is it a reskin of a dinosaur or something? I wanted to get it since it looks new


it’s been around for a while now


Oh, wow I thought it was new or something, Is it an exclusive to a country? I started about 2 months ago so there could be a possibility i’ve just never encountered it


It’s arena 7 Exclusive Dinosaur, Baryonyx Gen 2 with Armor piercing Strike, Ready to crush and Defense shattering Impact!


Its or Arena 7? I’m not up to it yet, only at 6, thanks for saying, I was about to waste 600 cash on it



Crazy common in incubators in Sorna Marshes.


I got to Sorna Marshes, but I had to start again, I don’t have Facebook, but I’m now happy with it! Got very good start, better than first time and got Giraffatitan today, started at Tuesday!