What is the status of the bans? Are they ever going to go in effect?


I am done fighting 25+ level legendaries with 24+ unique units among their teams. Are you going to finalize the action towards the ban or are you going to wait until you lose a significant portion of the user base?

Look at the number of threads with people sick and fed up with the spoofers.

Get rid of them or see more people walk away. Not a warning, but a fact.


I was literally about to post asking where all the bans were. They were supposed to happen yesterday. And honestly the people you are talking about are probably infinite DNA and coin hackers not spoofers. They are worse than just spoofing for sure.


I see that the problem is far worse than spoofers I guess. They need to hold true on their ban promise. We are sick of it.

Thanks for joining in!

  1. Coin hacks don’t exist.
  2. High lvl dinosaurs mean they spent $$$ to get them to that point. Gotta spend $$$ to use that DNA
  3. I think its a lose / lose situation for them unless they find another way to deal with it. The general casual player-base is upset over spoofers… but spoofers prolly contribute to 90% of the income.
  4. They weren’t supposed to ban the other day. They just gave a date for people to turn themselves in.
  5. Just have fun. This is a non-competitive game.


I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to think nothing is going to happen.

Major endorsement for spoofing if they don’t follow through and expect a much bigger problem in a few weeks.


I hit my goal last night of taking a picture of me at the #1 spot on the leaderboards. If they don’t follow through on the bans I think I’m done. I’ve been paying like $200 extra in gas for like 3 months now. Not going to keep shelling out like that if people can just sit on their couch or download a hacked apk and do leagues better than I do.


You got to number 1 ?
Wow , that’s amazing , the first non spoofer to get there !
Well done :+1:


How do you know this? Have you spoken to every user who has been number 1 to verify your accusation?


I don’t know for sure at all , but from what I see in you tube , and hear on here , I make the assumption .


Several non-spoofers have been number 1. Many of them for a long time.


Cool , so I should ignore the you tubers then .


they were just trying to trick people into self reporting. if they actually identified cheaters, why would they not just put a stop to it right away? why ask people to turn themselves in over a 2 week period?

if they didn’t know people could spoof, it’s highly unlikely they had any system in place to go back through people’s account and figure out if they spoofed in the past. that’s why you still see people with level 29 indoraptors on the leaderboards.


Congrats, that’s awesome!

Agree with others, it’s time to get rid of the cheaters.

Waiting impatiently :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks all. It’s not quite as awesome as it sounds though. Anyone who hits 5000 trophies automatically goes to first place. At least for 2 minutes. I immediately dropped down to like 50 after the 2 minutes was up but I still got my picture and feel awesome about it. And I know others like me have gotten there the same. Pocemon for instance is a writer for metahub and he has been sitting at 1st for a lot of today.


I’m just sitting here waiting for my trophy reset reward…


Yes. Ignore the youtubers… esp Pocemon. He is one of the most arrogant and egotistical people I have ever seen.


Pocemon is sitting at number 1 because he is afraid to battle people and lose it. All the 5,000 trophy ppl are telling him to search so they can verse him and he keeps giving them excuses. His team is among the worst at 5,000 trophies. Also… there are people in his metahub channel that got to 5,000 way before him but he doesn’t acknowledge them and pretends that he is the first to do it and that he has the greatest team … even though his team looks more like a 4500-4700 trophy team… he just went on a good run. Idk… nothing in the game takes skill… anyone can get to 5,000. Just costs a little bit of $


I didn’t even know he had a YouTube. I just remembered his name from metahub. That’s sad if you what you say about him is true though. I always hope for the best out of people…


Everybody hit 5000 is number1 for a few minutes, buy i dont know how you can range up when you are already 5000,cause im siting in 14,20 rank for weeks and i think im winning more than loses to humans and still replenish all my incubators daily whitout down of 5000 for a lot hours


Hey, his is a bit better than mine and I’m 4600-4800 :smiley:

Just saying.