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What is the strongest boss

Omega 09 vs alpha 06 Vulcan 19 death dodo

What do you mean by saying “strongest”. If you mean strongest at the stats you can visit this thread World Boss - Information Thread to see the stats of every boss until now. If you mean which of the three bosses looks strongest I was always impressed by the appearance of Vulcan 19 . But this is just my opinion.

i think it is omega 09

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Definitely omega 09

Akupara 81 is the strongest…
I only recorded through level 26 but at level 26 it had 57,817 health and 5,886 attack.

Kraken 18 was also very formidable at level 40 it had 71,820 health and 11,222 attack. This was also back when the attack stat froze at level 10 instead of level 32 like it does now so I don’t have a way to compare Akupara’s attack stat but most likely it was going to end up around 7,000 ish but it’s health was going to the moon at likely close to or above 100,000. For an Aquatic reef boss those are just crazy stats since there is no tournament hybrid cave creature that can do some serious damage.

Kraken 18 was so powerful but it was only a giant squid

Why are they so strong?

That’s a good question… for Ludia. I am not sure why they would create the strongest creatures in a part of the game that gets utilized so little by the majority of the game population.