What is the top 1 creature?

  • Phorurex
  • Skoonasaurus
  • Testacornibus
  • Indotaurus
  • Parasauthops

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It was really hard to pick. All of them are good

I would say skoona is N.1
9k HP with 30% armour
Can possibly do 7.5k dmg in 1 turn if it’s gets 2 crits
But they are all close to that N.1

But testa is a close second.


Skoona is the best when you max boost it too lv 30


Parasauthops is quite something as well but most players haven’t seen a L30 10/20/0 yet.


I disagree
No word on the rampage fix along with enteloceros also that power heal nerf

I would say Skoona is the best, but there’s one thing that holds it back from that. Wound. Phorurex absolutely destroys Skoona if Lethal R&R is ready, and Spinocon can at least tie with it. There’s a few other wounders, and even some non wounders that beat Skoona. However, Testa can cleanse, with 3 different moves. That means unless you’re Spinocon, your only good chance at beating Testa is brute force, which is very difficult against a high armor healing machine.

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Testa is Besta
(I had an hour long argument with my friend…)

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Testa, not even a contest.


I’m fairly new, what do I need to fuse Testa?


Apato with a Tesla.


Carbotoceratops and Eucladoceros, both at level 20


These two issues got fixed though

Pho is probably the best dino currently, it sucks 1v1 against these resilient but that’s obvious, if pho is set up properly then you have a real problem in your hands, testa is great but pho can kill it, skoona can get it super low, Parathops can kill it, indot can kill it

Testa is practically invincible if you don’t draw a powerful Wound-inflicting creature, a decent Fierce creature, or anything with a Rending ability.

Skoona can be brought down by anything that doesn’t have armor piercing or defense-shattering abilities, although this is obviously easier said than done in a lot of cases.

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I havent noticed

Anyway the 2 new rares for the bear apex are exclusives so good luck unlocking it if it becomes the new testa

My testa has killed every pho it faced, even when it was wounded. How can pho possibly win? He does the lethal rampage and run but testa immediately cleanses the wound and heals damage.

It depends how much health your testacornibus has. 16 boosts or more in health is safe for testacornibus.

Max boosted pho can kill testa, it does enough dmg when it crits, sidestep sidestep Lethal rampage and run is the most used combo against testa in shores


Bagoyee one shots ful hp testas whit LRaR