What is the trick Ludia, tell everyone, so that your game is credible

I hope that I am not censored for having doubts I think that many people ask the same thing, but they do not dare to ask the question why they run the risk of being censored from the forum …


How is it possible that 2 people from the same alliance already have Arctovasilas, one at level 28 and the other at 30, I know that you can buy items, but still it would be impossible since most have not found so many Arctodus in nature, we have not been able to launch Arctalces since it has not appeared in the weekend event, in the sanctuaries you could collect the necessary DNA from there, but each member of the alliance would have to place only the deer and the bear in each slot, and the maximum DNA that you can extract in the sanctuary is each 3 hours


and the deer season had not finished yet and those people already had their Apex bear at 28 and 29 respectively, and there is a 3 person who also has the bear at level 26 as is that possible in just 10 days. Behind this there is some more trick, or these people are employees of the company. This post is not intended to offend anyone and with respect.

I had to improvise in parts what I wanted to write since my English is not very good, I hope that you can understand what I want to say and that we can all express our opinion with respect, and without being censored for thinking differently.

Multiple dna incs. Multiple fip bundles. Many lv 20 sancs with nothing but bear. And long play times for grinding scents.


And buying bear incubators and getting deer incubators

Hard work and some money


Lots of money.



You need roughly 30k arctodus and 30k cervales to get the legendary to level 25. That’s roughly 1111 FIPs. If you have 2 level 20 sanctuaries with 24 of each. It would take 69 hours roughly.

Edit: Actually you only need 15k cervales if you are in nublar shores as the reward of last season was 15k if above 6k trophies. So even quicker.

Try 4 lv 20 sancs full of bear.


People have a hard wrapping their mind around that. LOL
And when your done?
Ask around friendly alliances and FIP theirs too.


They can as well have many alt accounts and hunt on all devices at the same time and then give the DNA. There are many legit ways to accumulate DNA extremely quickly.


There are not that many FIP packages have been offered on the market. The math doesn’t add up.

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Theres more to it than just FIPing.
Take those FIP packs, add Bear Incs, Add Scents, add all those Arctalces incs, Place top 10 in the seasonal and hunt 9 hours a day.
It’s easy.
(Well the math anyway)
He has a youtube channel where he pretty much shows how it’s done.
There is no secret here.


What’s the daily return on a rare in a lv 20 sanc? I roughly know the epics but rare and common not so much.

Now yall done it.


54 per FIP ( 1 food, 1 interaction, 1 toy)

You cannot hunt for the deer. the reward for 8000+ is 30K.

The total legendary hybrid DNA you can buy directly is about 1600, and then a small amount of deer DNA from various incubators, then some from the scents. FIP packages are quite small, just several 50s and 30s. How much deer DNA can you get from these several packages, scents, and incubators?

The math just doesn’t add up.

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Guys- we HUNT. We did purchase items in the shop- We did all the strike events- We do purchase FIP bundles- We only darted Cervalces during that event- not bear. We only Fipped Cervalces- not bear. We do try and FIP every 3 hours that we can. The first sanctuary cycle, we had 1 Level 20 sanctuary for 1 week with 75% Cervalces & 25% Bear that API, APII, & APIII collaborated on as well as our Co-op Level 20 Sanctuary that had 5 moose in it. We did have generous FIP bundles during this cycle. The 2nd sanctuary cycle during this pursuit, we had the level 20 Co-op sanctuary with the 5 moose as well as one that API/APII got to Level 15.
We don’t have ALT accounts (our accounts are enough), We have never requested either rare creature from our alliance mates. We HUNT. For exhausting hours during this one. Together. 8:30 am to 4:30pm every day. from 12/20/21 to yesterday (half that time on Christmas). Running rare scents, driving 2 different 25 mile loops in our area. Each day we got ~ 20/25 bear.
We post the same thing every update- and yet here we are again. Trust me our accounts are looked over with a fine tooth comb. If “The math just doesn’t add up” there would not also be 2 other legitimate level 30 Arctovasilas in the game and several level 28-29s. We know its extreme so its hard to understand for some players- but we play the game as we always have- We enjoy it and we have each other.
Good Luck & Good Fuses to Everyone with the rest of Arctodus pursuit! :hugs:


Wish I had that ki d of time to hunt. Just isn’t in the cards for me. Having awful luck with the bear. See a total of 3 wild in my limited play time