What is the trick Ludia, tell everyone, so that your game is credible

I guess I’m not credible either? :woman_shrugging:


The “trick” is hard work and dedication :upside_down_face:


Correction: 3 level 30 , 1 level 28 , 1 level 27 (28 tomorrow) , 1 level 26 … and more soon … report to Ludia as you wish… at least get the right number . We are not hiding our IGN , unlike the previous achievement post.


I love the fact that there are players out there who spend what seems to be an inordinate amount of time hunting for dna like this.

Every day, rain or shine, hot or cold I’m out for at least two or three hours running a Giga and collecting dna. Mostly stuff I don’t even need but it helps the alliance missions. I have collected loads of bear and moose dna since they were released, but I haven’t started fusing yet as I need the coin first. The same free coin I max out on three accounts daily with my walks!

So everyone has a different way to play - I like to stay as fit as I can since I retired a while back and this game helps with that. I’ll spend a bit of real cash too if the mood takes me, but I don’t spend much.

I admire the dedication of people like @practicekat, @Piere87 and @Idgt902 who have been ambassadors for as long as I can remember. They deserve to get ahead before us minions as they put way more in than we do. Simple logic shows that you get back what put in and the hours and hours of hunting plus the fips, the incubators and the scents they have used quite rightly gives them the edge when it comes to getting new creatures to max level quickly.


And also add in the fact they are surrounded by a hundred or more like-minded people who are there the to help build/curate X number of level 20 sanctuaries of just bear and deer.

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Just 1 lvl 20 full of bear and deer

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My personal theory is

Money spending

And the fact that ludia gives them stuff to keep playing the game

But idk

We do not get any extra stuff that other players do not. The YouTube channel that IDGT runs and the GamePress content I create is all done for free without anything extra from Ludia. Yes, there was a content creator incubator but that 300-500 bear DNA was a drop in the bucket compared to what we actually had to hunt. PK already said they purchased things and I did as well. But this still wouldn’t have been possible without a TON of hunting. I think that’s what people fail to understand. This is not a creature you can just “purchase to 30”. We had to put in a ton of work to get it.


A little skepticism is understandable when play styles drastically differ to this degree. But when there is multiple like this it’s safe to assume it’s legit.

Can’t wait to see an article on the bear king soon.


Damn, I wish I could hunt like that. I happened to ride all around town and my luck with Arctodus was abysmal. I didn’t even know there was an event for wild bears, that’s how non-existent the bear was for me.

The thing is, can actually believe that people hunted to such extremes. With the simple method of trying to dart every bear from the event I actually almost got it to level 15. The only reason I didn’t was because I never fulfilled my darting opportunities so I only got to level 13.

I also did every incubator battle to get as much deer and bear DNA as I could, and I usually never did the easy incubators. I just recently got my Arctodus and Cervacales to level 15, and then the Arena Season rewards just gave me my 6.6k DNA.

So I can believe it’s possible, but I also think there is a bit of luck as well. All the possibly low level fuses and whatnot. So I’m half and half with the head-wrapping really /^^’

Congratulations for everyone who even managed to create it. I’m jealous, but I’ll eventually get there. Eventually. :sob::joy::laughing:


This was just for that, to know the secrets of different players, especially the most trained and experienced in this wonderful game, I know that there are many people who spend tons of money on this game, and each one is entitled to do so. or not.
I congratulate all those who already have an Arctovasilas, and those who make content on YouTube like IDGT902 that I love those videos.


They don’t get tired :open_mouth:


I get that I might just be salty but I just feel like it would be almost impossible to unlock vasilas let alone getting it to 30 with the current stuff available we haven’t gotten too many opportunities at getting cervacles dna

I believe if you read the posts above you’ll see exactly how we did it. We aren’t hiding anything. IDGT has posted his whole journey on YouTube. Including some of the hunting he did. Obviously it’s possible if 3 of us have it :rofl:.


Pk and IDGT literally showed us how they hunt the bear, heck they even gave us hunting tips & trick.


Practicekat explained step by step how they got it maxed, almost telling us how much they ate those days they hunted for the components and you still think there is something else behind? These are top players, had they done anything to their accounts, they would’ve been banned instantly, and players like IDGT have YouTube channels where they show their progress on this bear (there’s at least 2 videos on each level their Vasilas got with one of them being fusion times) and a whole thread in these forums where each and every single one of their videos are posted, videos with proof that they got everything legitimate. There’s no hidden trick, there’s no extra bonuses, there’s nothing more than hard work and money spent, that’s it.


Take note, fellow JWA players: just because something seems impossible for you (personally) doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for someone else with the right dedication, time, resources, and strategies… Saying that L30 Vasilas can only be achieved through spoofing is childish and undercuts the enormous time/effort commitment required to achieve this amazing feat in such a short period since release


This is where I’m at. I’m not so into the game I would drive all over the countryside (or cityside) to hunt bears. I do all the towers and get all the events with bears and deer. I FIP and can only get a sanctuary as high as 10. I help myself with my 3 other accounts that I also use to do the Apex raids. Some of my alliance do donate some here and there that helps out. This is going to take a while for me. I was disappointed with the missing Acrtalces but hoping they add it in somewhere. I at least have Arctalces to team level and have it on my team to play and use. I’ll be out getting bears next week in the coming event and keep FIP’ing the deer. This is the sole creature I’m working on besides doing Apex raids every day.

I’m in the final stretch to unlock all the other Apex creatures. I’m a collector more than a PvP player and just want to get them all.


THIS. Kind of sad that jealousy is usually people accusing or hating people.

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Who cares how they acquired things? They’re not breaking any rules and they’re clearly more involved and invested in the game than the vast majority of players, which is their prerogative. Someone has to be the best. :shrug: