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What is this mumbo jumbo?

Can anyone please explain to me why all my battles are up against way higher levels than me?Screenshot_20191023-112942_JW%20Alive that’s my lvl and the trophies I’ve lost against
Screenshot_20191023-113007_JW%20Alive those are actually real players, most of my battles are against bots with much higher stats than my team has, which in fact lost a lot of stat numbers. Why didn’t the bots take a dive in stats like ours did? If this keeps up, I’m telling you, I will dump this game and go back to War Dragons, which doesn’t do anything like this to their players. Keep it up, Ludia, and I’m gone.

Compared to what I’ve faced, you are pretty ok with that your opponents are only 100-200 above you. I’ve had to face twice that range when I was at where you are at now.

Those are their high score not necessarily current. So they could be lower than you now. And actually you have more trophies than them so they should be complaining about you

Yeah, playing by strategy can be a tough one I suppose :thinking:

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Spelling too :wink: good point tho