What is this?!

What is this?! Why does Sorna Marshes look like this? I pressed the arena button to see them all, and theres a strike event picture with a star?

A few players have reported this sort of issue recently. It’s like the game’s stuck displaying Strike Tower imagery and can’t “exit out” of the Strike Tower display properly (even if you didn’t participate in a Strike Tower, or just clicked on it and never played a match).

If closing out of the app completely and/or restarting your phone doesn’t solve the issue, I’d recommend sending in a support ticket to Ludia.

Looks kinda cool though

I had this stage the other night for a strike event. I don’t think I’ve seen it look like this before, or I just never noticed somehow.

That is cool! I’ve always just had the park/bridge stage. It’s nice to see some variety!!! :+1:t3:

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I think the stage didn’t fully load because i was comparing it to my girlfriend’s stage while she did the strike event and it looked like the lights were in the same spot and had a similar looking layout if you stripped away all of the scenery. Still cool though to see something different. I wish that would happen more often.

looks like a skate park :joy:
new arena? or textures didn’t load i guess