What is this


Has anybody else seen this

AMC Epic Incubators?

Yes there is one by my house I’m going to go get it soon


Yes you go to your local AMC theater to get the incubator. Since it’s Orange it’s a special incubator and could contain an Epic or Legendary DNA and some other goodies like in the other incubators.
You can also find Epics at these locations and there are usually more commons too. While you’re there you can also get pre-purchase tickets for the movie. Guessing that’s the tie in.


Closest one for me is an hour away so probably not worth driving to get😕


Ya my nearest one is an hour away as well


What’s a amc theatre !? I’m in Calgary AB Canada???


The thing at Walmart was the same as any other spin what I got anyways


Movie theaters chain in the US, not sure if there’s any in other countries, but try Google and see if there’s one near you.



Going to see the film in a few hours here in the UK, hoping they HAVE them here too.


This event is for 24 DAYS not hours. Good luck and go get those dinosaurs! :heart_eyes:


Thanks bask… appreciated


See you in the Arena. Good luck!


So has anyone actually had the chance to hit up an AMC Theatre to see exactly what is within the Epic Incubator? I am about to head over to the one near me and see but was curious if anyone had already done so yet…


Most people are at work and the theaters don’t open in my area until 11 am. Please let us in on your finds. Good luck, here’s hoping you get an epic!


Just got one- got T Rex enough to create, indominous only like 20, like 3300 dna for velociraptor, triceratops gen 2 3000dna, spinosaurus enough to create. Holy moly! Today is a good day!!


Besides Walmart and AMC… what other locations have special supply drops?


Was definitely worth the quick ride over. Is this a 1 time per theatre thing or does it reset? Got a ton of coins and DNA including Indominus Rex :hushed:


Yes, get it now, it’s a free epic incubator
I got freaking indomimus DNA out of it
Another thing, I found a spot close enough to the inside to open it from the outside, so look for doorways and the like to get close enough


My town has 3 amc theaters. Are you limited to 1 amc incubator or can you get one from each amc? (my map only shows 1)


I can confirm that if you have an AMC theatre near you then it’s worth a visit. Enough DNA to unlocked the T-Rex, 10 DNA for Indominus Rex, enough DNA to update my Velociraptor 3 or 4 times and much more.

Made up for the disappointment of the Walmart ‘special’ Supply Drop.