What is up with scent capsules since update?

I have done 3 common scent capsules this afternoon/evening and each one brought in Suchomimus 3 times. No variety. Before update I would always get 2 or 3 different dinosaurs. Anyone else experiencing this??

Yap. I used 2x5mins scent capsules. 6 suchomimus.

High chance it’s a bug of some kind

i did a common and only one dino spawned(suchomimus) at 3 minutes… nothing spawned upon activation.

I’d submit a bug report or support ticket about this…This sounds like a new bug that Ludia might not yet be aware of.

I’ve used 2 common scents and both brought 2 rares… Maybe just bad luck? On the other side, I was saving a large scent and ut disappeared after the update