What is up with tanycolagreus?


I’ve noticed heaps of topped ranked players using them and I’m very confused about their worth in combat


They use it for counter indo evasive and indom cloak ability with higher speed and nullifying impact


Counter for indoraptor and magnapyrritor


How tany counter magna? If i m not mistaken magna has imunity


It just faster, higher health and higher damage


It’s pretty awesome to have on ya team it’s a rising star :star2:


Shhh… Its for people that don’t know about monomimus. But don’t tell them :wink:


It’s for people who haven’t got monomimus :roll_eyes:


I think those top guy have it but too low lvl for competitive


I’ve monomimus and tany :grin: :joy: I prefer tany atm


It wins alot of battles for me in the ruins


In the ruin? Sure, lvl 18-22 monomimus is good to go but for top player sending lvl22 against lvl26+ unique arent good idea tho.


Ok so its for people that didn’t know we’ve had at least 3 (I think) events each for gallimimus and monolophosaurus for you to be able to unlock it for free essentially. I misspoke earlier. Apologies. Still, don’t tell them :wink:


Well… I’ll have you know I have enough mono but unlike you I don’t have a hoard of parks to frequent and managed to catch approximately 8 gallimimus the entire 3 events :rofl: but I’m not even gonna start this because last time I was set on fire.


Too bad we can’t trade some… Loads of drops here in Edin, so I stocked up… Not to mention various incubators and awards. I’m set for a while!


Well I’m only like 40 mins away so maybe I’ll take a trip if there’s a gali event again!


Between the gardens, the meadows, and Holyrood - you’re set.


This is socal babe. Its a desert. I have 1 park. Its big though. Mines 22. Still plenty of mono but out of gallimimus. I was also not the one setting you on fire.


Its because its really fast, and when it’s at a high enough level, it’s actually very strong and dangerous. It can also take away Indominus’s cloak, so that’s one thing.


Look at monomimus