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What. Is. Up. With. This. Level


Burning Barrens 11. I know this has been mentioned before but I literally cannot get past it and progress any further. My dragons are completely capable of beating them, here is a screenshot of the different powers.


It was extremely hard. I actually leveled my team up to 2900 or so before I was able to pass it.

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OMG I’m not the only one! This level is way too hard for some reason. I have my team past 2400 as well, and some pretty powerful combos to upheld my team, but omg it’s like I’m rendered a weakling in the face of the dragons in the level.

Is this thing low-key hacked to be hard on purpose or something?


Yes my team is above 2500 power and still this level is unbeatable. The best I have gotten is one Dragon left in the last wave but most of the time I just die in the second wave. The dragons in this level have so many health and above average attack.


I would recommend to try and use chain attacks whenever you can. I would also recommend having a dragon on the team that heals, like the water crossbreed you get when you unlock the breeding area. Constantly use blue attacks to charge up the guy and use the ult as often as possible while at the same time trying to get those combos. (The snafflefang is okay to use but I personally don’t like it because of the low attack, and the healing rate isn’t that great either. The only good thing it offers is the slight increase in the charge for the ult.)
But I also do have to agree with you. There is always at least one level in each area that is impossible to beat despite your team being over the recommended bp, and even with using combos and the right dragons, it still takes luck to beat.


This level is super hard – I literally just reached the 2600 barrier in one particular team pairing, and I still can’t make it. The majority of my dragons are red dragons, and they make a heck of a combo attack, but I think my problem is how long they take to charge…

I’m using a slightly leveled Shrill Boltbeak, a fully trained Zesty Zippleback, and a slightly leveled Torch as the red dragons.

I have a fully trained Nimble Nadder plus some levels, and a slightly leveled Furtive Fleatsleet as my other two dragons. Together, the team adds up to a team power of 2603, and that’s well over the recommended power limit. So what gives?


I just finished this this morning with a team of 2700power. There is no trick except focusing on one Dragon first and probably luck. The funny thing is my team can finish the third daily quest that marked with 3100power and all members survive. But I finish this stage with 2 dragons left. It’s just natively harder


I wouldn’t recommend having a lot of one colored dragons on one team, yes if you are able to combo an attack for them they do a lot of damage, but you’re losing out on other attacks. Keep in mind that these are elements, some are stronger and some are weaker depending on what dragon you’re attacking. Focusing on one dragon could also help but sometimes when I tried this I would still lose because other dragons would just keep firing away at me. If you’re to do this single out the dragon that’s doing the most damage, or save some of your ultimate attacks for the next round, so you could do a massive attack on all the dragons and then single out and aim for the ones that are flapping their wings (which means they’ll be attacking next round) also the combos. I would recommend continuesly planning ahead when doing the normal triple attacks, so that you can continuesly get the runes in place so you can do the four rune attack. It’s not very difficult, some of them are even aligned for you from the start. Before acting really plan out your moves.
For these rounds tho, again, I agree you need luck, I’m just throwing out information there that might help even a teensy bit.
Dragons that heal either themselves or the team as a whole are also recommended. I would personally go for strong team healers like the timber x zippleback cross, but you do you. Sorry that some of this is repeating from what I last said.

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Just spend a hundred runes and get past it or wait til you can brute through it. there are some levels that are harder than normal because they have a good combo of healing, bonus life, ect. Heck on team I faced was 4 torches in all 3 waves, just obliterated my team, despite power levels.


There are pay wall levels scattered throughout the story mode. Some of them you can counter by leveling up. Others are just spend 100 rune levels to win. Fortunately, there are enough sources early on to power through.